Accreditation of a medical institution in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region

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What we offer

  • Provide information on the necessary documents and stages of the healthcare facility accreditation procedure in Kharkiv;
  • Form a package of documents received from the Client and developed in the process of providing the service for submission to the Ministry of Health;
  • Accompany the on-site expert assessment;
  • Deliver to the Client the ready-made Certificate of Accreditation.

In addition, our lawyers:

  • Help with the pre-accreditation audit;

  • Provide assistance in developing the documents that will be required for the expert evaluation;
  • Organize the processes that the Client may need: for example, metrological calibration test or obtainment of the ISO certificate, etc.


The price and period of the hospital accreditation in the city of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region

The price of the Healthcare Facility Accreditation in Kharkiv starts from UAH 40,000.

Our specialists will be able to tell you the full service price after receiving answers to the following questions:

  • Do you keep medical records and in what condition are they?
  • In what time frame does the Client want to undergo the procedure?
  • What category does the healthcare facility want to get?
  • What additional services will be required in the process?

The Hospital Accreditation procedure in Kharkiv takes from 3 to 5 months.

More information, including a list of documents for Accreditation can be found on our main service page.

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How to undergo the procedure of the Healthcare Facility Accreditation in Kharkiv?

The Accreditation of healthcare facilities is not mandatory - it remains solely at the choice of the facility. Why is it worth passing accreditation?

The Accreditation Certificate will give your healthcare facility the right to provide the following services:

  • to issue sick leave certificates;
  • to provide assisted reproductive technology and transplantation services
  • to conduct clinical testing.

The Accreditation Certificate is issued for 3 years, after which it can be extended.

The services of our lawyers are divided into two stages:

  • Preparation of documents and their submission to the Ministry of Health;
  • Legal support of inspection of your healthcare facility and obtaining the Certificate.

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Why us?

Our lawyers guarantee you:

  • To achieve accreditation within the shortest possible time. We worked with different types of healthcare facilities, both state and municipal. We always ensure that the Certificate is obtained in the time required by the Client;
  • Fixed price of accreditation. The service price is formed before the beginning of our work. We clearly negotiate with you about all the conditions, terms and aspects of the task, after which the price will be set and fixed. You will clearly know how much, when and for what you pay;
  • A to Z assistance. We can help with any task that affects the successful completion of the Accreditation process. You don’t have to look for individuals to obtain the ISO certificate or conduct an audit.

We will help you to achieve the Healthcare Facility Accreditation in the city of Kharkiv or Kharkiv region quickly and easily.