Change of name, taxpayer's certificate, official address in Ukraine

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1 800 UAH
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What we offer

  • we provide verbal advice on making changes to information about a sole trader;
  • we prepare and submit a package of documents to the state registrar;
  • we advise what other state agencies, besides the state registrar, must be notified  about the changes in information, and submit the indicated notifications (if necessary and via a separate agreement with the Client);
  • we receive an extract from the Unified State Register (USR);
  • we make a new seal (at the request of the Client).


Documents for changing the name or address of a sole trader

List of documents
Photocopy of a sole trader’s passport
Photocopy of a tax number
Power of attorney for our employees
Sample documents for download
The power of attorney we provide to you.

The state fee for registration of a change of name or address of residence is 0.1 of the living wage for able-bodied persons. From December 01, 2020 it amounts to 227 UAH.

The cost of our services does not include the state fee and the costs of issuing a notarized power of attorney for our employee.

Why us

Our company began its activities in the area of registration of legal entities and sole traders in 2006
Our company has got an extensive experience and qualified employees in the field of registration of legal entities, sole traders. business people. Including making changes to the Register. And since 2014, we have been carrying out the practice of changing the address for sole traders who have been locally displaced from temporarily occupied territories.
We guarantee that everything will be done efficiently and on time
Prior to starting work, we conclude an agreement on the provision of legal services, according to which our company compensates for losses in case of failure to fulfill its obligations. But it should be noted that in the area of registration activities, the cases of non-fulfillment are simply excluded, due to our experience.

We are ready to help you!

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Our successful projects

Accompanied the registration of the change of address of the FOP in September 2022.
We helped a foreign citizen to change his registration in Ukraine, change the location of the FOP and make changes in the EDR.
Supported registration of sole trader's address change in March of 2017
Our lawyers helped a client to change his official sole trader's registration address and obtained new certificates.

While registering change of last, middle and given name, Taxpayer Number, place of living you can simultaneously:

If you have any license, you must notify the licensing authority of a change in name or address within one calendar month from the date of the introduction of changes to the USR.

Answers to frequently asked questions

How soon after changing the information in the passport do you need to have changes introduced to the Unified State Register of legal entities and sole traders?

The law does not establish such period, but when signing contracts, setting up bank accounts, obtaining a license or other permissions, this can negatively affect the result, since there will be a discrepancy in information.

How quickly can I register a change of surname and/or place of residence?

Information in the Unified State Register is updated within one business day from the date of submission of documents, whereas the expedited procedure only takes 2 hours.

Change of information about the place of residence, tax number, last name of a sole trader (entrepreneur)

In accordance with the requirements of the legislation, changes that have occurred in the registration data of a sole trader enter into force only from the day they are registered. Changing the tax number, as well as changing the location of a sole trader, occurs by submitting documents with relevant information to the state registration authority. Such information is subject to an official change in the documents for your sole trader, as it will be taken into account in the process of concluding agreements with your counterparties. Imagine that when you indicate your location, you will indicate the actual address, which will no longer coincide with what was indicated during the initial registration. Any inspection agency will have many questions.

The procedure for registering changes in the last name, address of a sole trader, the tax number

The standard process by which we enter into cooperation with the Client for the implementation of its tasks consists of the following steps:

  • coordination of payment and information transfer issues with the Client;
  • Making an advance payment for the provision of services;
  • conclusion of a contract for the provision of legal services;
  • obtaining all the necessary information and issuing a power of attorney for our lawyers;
  • submission of documents to the state registrar for appropriate action.

This procedure is almost standard for us, since we have done it many times over more than 10 years. We have refined it to the smallest detail, and that is why it requires the least minimum of time and effort.

Our company takes pride in the quality of its services and has its own standard of providing them. Among the mandatory points of our quality standard are:

  • Focusing on the main goal, not the task. It happened more than once that the Client came to us with one question, which seemed to be of paramount importance to them, and left with a whole range of resolved legal issues.
  • Profound legal expertise. Our lawyers have knowledge and experience in various areas of law, which helps to find the easiest and most effective way out of any dead-locked situation.
  • It’s easy with us. We are not trying to artificially delay the case or get the Client confused. After consulting with us, you will have a full understanding of what is happening and possible ways to resolve your issue.

For more information and ordering services, contact the specialists of the Company. You can also find a lot of useful information on our website in the comments and publications.

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