Buy a ready-made company with a license for the supply of electricity or gas in Odessa and Odessa region

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What we offer

Our company offers a range of registered shelf companies with the Electricity or Gas Licence.

Within the framework of our cooperation, we will provide you with the following:

  • Complete information about your future company, reserving it for you for a specific period of time;

  • A fully ready-to-go company with a license of your choice; 

  • Re-registration of a company for a new owner on a turnkey basis;

  • Making the necessary changes to the license.

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We are ready to help you!

Contact us by mail [email protected], by phone number +38 044 499 47 99or by filling out the form:

The price of a shelf company with the Electricity Supply License in the city of Odesa and Odesa region

A company with the Electricity Supply License in the city of Odesa - from UAH 50,000.

A company with the Gas Supply License in the city of Odesa - from UAH 50,000.

You can find more information about the range of our services on our main service page. The service price is the same for all regions.

Our Clients include firms from all over Ukraine, and even abroad. All questions and consultations can be conducted online.

What are the benefits of buying a shelf company from our firm?

  • Favourable location of the registered company. We register all companies in Kyiv. Of course, if you want your company to be registered in Odesa - it’s not a problem. We can change the address during the company’s re-registration. But you should think through carefully. Today, you can submit reports online without any problems. But it will be much harder to reach your firm in another region.
  • Confidence. We personally register each of our companies. Their history is absolutely clean and you can get all the documents at once.
  • Package deal approach. We not only register companies for sale and take all necessary actions for its re-registration, but can also help you in the future with the inclusion in the electricity market of Ukraine.

If you want to buy a company with the Electricity or Gas Supply License in Odesa, don’t hesitate to call us!

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