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Cost of services:

Obtain the Driving School License
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  • Advise on obtaining a license needed to start a driving school;
  • Analyze the documents available to the Client, including whether the premises and driving area are suitable for a driving school;
  • Provide assistance in developing work plans and training programs for drivers at the driving school;
  • If necessary, assist in obtaining permit documents, such as class compliance reports;
  • Prepare and send documents to the Client for signing, and submit them to the licensing authority;
  • Monitor the status of documents review to obtain a Driving School License, and keep the Client informed about the situation.






Documents needed to obtain a driving school license

List of documents
A scan copy of the extract from the Unified State Register
A copy of the Charter
Copies of documents for the premises and driving area (confirming the right of ownership or use and the technical passport)

Licensing of driving schools in Ukraine

In addition to the above documents, we will need information about teachers, instructors, nurses, and cars.

The price of obtaining a Driving School License depends on many factors, such as the number of classes, the estimated number of groups and students, etc.

Our experts can tell you the price of obtaining a Driving School License after we receive full information about your intentions and available documents.

The price of our services does not include the official fee and any costs associated with certification and delivery of documents, etc.

The period for obtaining a Driving School License is on average 4-6 months. During the quarantine period it has become difficult to guarantee any terms, because the meetings of the licensing commission are held irregularly.

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There are no requirements to the minimum required area of the driving school classroom. The main requirement is that the area of the classroom per student should be at least 2.4 meters square.

The classrooms must have:

  • traffic rules posters, printed road signs and markings;
  • posters of signals and gestures of the traffic controller;
  • traffic light models;
  • scheme of the city/town where the driving school is located;
  • a board with traffic accidents and their causes that occurred in the area where the driving school is located;
  • posters with the rules of medical care for car accident injuries;
  • sectional car units and models of spare parts.

The driving area must have:

  • asphalt covering;
  • pedestrian zone;
  • elements of roads and related elements: garage, yard, figure eight patterns, zigzag crossing, hills, unregulated railway crossing, various types of intersections, road signs, traffic lights, road markings.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Must a driving school have a license to operate?

Without a license, you will not be able to issue an official document of completing your driving course. And without this document, it is unlikely that anyone will need such courses.

What are the minimum vehicle requirements for a driving school?

There is no clear requirement for the number of cars. The main thing is that driving schools should be able to provide training according to the categories of vehicles. But there are requirements for the equipment of the cars. In particular, brake pedals, clutches and two rear-view mirrors must be on the instructor’s side. The car shall also have a marking indicating that it is a training vehicle.

The Driving School License in Ukraine

After reaching an agreement with the Client on the terms and price of the company’s services for obtaining the license, a legal services agreement is signed by and between our company and the Client.

As soon as our employees receive documents ready and signed by the Client, they submit them to the licensing authority within the shortest possible time.

After getting a positive decision on the license issuance, we send the details to the Client to pay the state fee.

The licensee must keep the original bank receipt for the entire validity period of the license.

Do you want to get a Driving School License? Contact us for more details! We will give you advice on all the requirements for a driving school to obtain the license and will cоmmit ourselves to obtain the said license.

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