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  • On the basis of the data received from the Client, we help to prepare an application for the Import License the city of Dnipro, which is filed with the State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drugs Control;
  • We advise on the compliance of documents with the requirements for obtaining the Drug Import License in the city of Dnipro;
  • We monitor the progress of your license application review by the licensing authority in the city of Dnipro, and after a positive decision is made, we provide you with a ready-made Drug Import License.

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The price and period for obtaining the Drug Import License in the city of Dnipro and Dnipropetrovsk region

The price of services for obtaining the Drug Import License in the city of Dnipro is determined for each Client individually, because the full price depends on the following factors:

  • Do you need additional legal services, such as developing a marketing authorization file or other permits?
  • Do you want to get just ready-made documents in order to submit them yourself to the licensing authority, or do you want to order a Drug Import License on a turnkey basis?

The period for obtaining 
the Drug Import License in the city of Dnipro is 10 business days.

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What should be considered when obtaining the Drug Import License in the city of Dnipro?

  • The Drug Import Licenіe is issued once and has no expiration date. It does not have to be extended;
  • In order to obtain this license without any problems, you will need additional permits, for example, a license to trade in medicines in the city of Dnipro;
  • The Import License will entitle you to import into Ukraine only those specific drugs that will be listed in the annex to the license;
  • If you also want to import drugs containing precursors or narcotic substances, you will need to obtain a Precursor Chemical License.

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  • Complex services. Working with us, you do not have to look for other lawyers to perform certain parts of the assignment. We will be able to offer you a comprehensive solution to your problem.

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