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What we offer

  • Advise on the procedure for obtaining a license to start a foreign language school;
  • Analyze the documents for starting language courses, which are available to the Client;
  • Assist in developing work plans and language training programs;
  • Prepare documents and deliver them to the Client for signature, submit them to the licensing authority;
  • Monitor the process of consideration of the license case by the licensing authority, promptly respond to additional requests and/or comments of the licensing authority, if any.


Documents for obtaining the foreign language teaching license

List of documents
Scan copy of the extract from the Unified State Register
Copy of teachers’ diplomas
Copies of documents for the premises (confirming the right of ownership or use)
In addition to these documents, we will need information on the number of groups and students who will be studying there.

The service price for obtaining the license to start foreign language courses depends on many factors, such as the number of groups, the expected number of students, etc.

The price of our services does not include the official fee and any other costs associated with certifying and forwarding documents.

The period for obtaining a foreign language school license is 4-6 months on average. During the quarantine it has become difficult to guarantee any time limits, because the licensing commissions meet irregularly.

Why us

Each lawyer of the company has its own area of specialization
This allows us to focus on your area of activity and monitor the changes in legislation, which are now quite common. Therefore, you can be sure that the Educational License and, in particular, its corresponding type is the element of the specialist you were sent up to.
Many years of experience
The licensing regulations on educational activities are outlined quite abstractly. And, as is known, the practice often has its own aspects. Our specialists have practical experience in starting educational establishments for teaching foreign languages, as well as are constantly aware of the peculiarities that may arise when the case is considered by the licensing authority.

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When starting foreign language courses entrepreneurs often do not need the Educational License. Such courses satisfy many people who want to learn foreign languages just for themselves. However, after they are completed, the student will not be able to obtain an official diploma, which may be necessary, for example, for further employment.

The Educational License will allow you to issue number certificates approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. 


Answers to frequently asked questions

What do you need to know before starting foreign language courses?

You can absolutely legally teach foreign languages even without the license. But without the license you will not be able to issue an official document of training.

What are the requirements for the minimum number of teachers?

When studying foreign languages, communication with native speakers is very important. However, in order to obtain the license you will have to hire people with pedagogical education. There are no established requirements to their number. The main thing is to be able to ensure the educational process.

Obtaining the Educational License for a foreign language school in Ukraine

After reaching an agreement with the Client on the terms and price of the company’s services for obtaining the license, a legal services agreement is signed by and between our company and the Client.

As soon as our employees receive the documents prepared and signed by the Client, they immediately submit them to the licensing authority.

After a positive decision to grant the license is made, we send the details to the Client to pay the state fee.

The licensee must keep the original payment receipt for the validity period of the license.

Do you want to start official language courses and need a license for this purpose? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help you develop the necessary programs and obtain the license for foreign language courses for you.

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