License for e-liquids for vapes and e-cigarettes

Cost of services

Cost of services:

from UAH 12,000
E-Liquid Manufacturing License
from UAH 6,000
E-Liquid Wholesale/Retail Trade License
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What we offer

  • We advise all subjects engaged in circulation of liquids used in electronic cigarettes (hereinafter - e-liquids) on conducting operations with them (import/export, trade and production, etc.), licensing and tax legislation;

  • We accompany the start of a business for the trade of these products, including the analysis of the existing conditions for such activities;

  • We prepare applications, supporting documents and submit them to the licensing authority;

  • We obtain a license for production, retail/wholesale trade in e-liquids.

We also provide services for making changes to the license,as well as support the procedure of opening new retail outlets.

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Documents required

List of documents
Identification code of the business entity
Copy of the document confirming the right to use the premises
License fee payment order

Documents for obtaining a license to manufacture or sell e-liquids

A complete list of documents can be provided to you by our lawyers after the initial consultation and depending on the specific type of activity you are going to carry out. Because each license for each type of activity has its own list of documents required for submission.

What will a legal consultation give you on obtaining a license for vaping liquids?

Our lawyers offer introductory advice on licensing the production or sale of e-liquids for electronic cigarettes and vapes in Ukraine. This consultation will help you:

  • Decide on the required type of license;
  • Understand if you meet the requirements or if something needs to be changed;
  • Understand how long it will take to obtain a license and when you can start operating.

An introductory consultation costs UAH 2,500, but is included in the cost of the service when ordering a license.

Service packages offers

2 500 UAH
The lawyer will answer questions about the process of obtaining a license:
  • What do I need to get a license to handle liquids for electronic cigarettes (manufacture, sale)?
  • For how long is the license issued?
  • What is the official payment amount?
* When further ordering the service, the consultation will be included in the cost of the license
License for Trade
from 6000 UAH
  • Preparation of documents for obtaining a license for wholesale / retail / trade in liquids for vapes
  • Providing details for payment of state fees
  • Submission of documents to the relevant territorial body of the State Tax Service of Ukraine (only in Kyiv)
  • Obtaining the appropriate license from the State Tax Service
from 12 000 UAH
  • Preparation of documents for obtaining a license for the production of liquids for vapes
  • Providing details for payment of state fees
  • Submission of documents to the relevant territorial body of the State Tax Service of Ukraine (only in Kyiv)
  • Obtaining a license for the production of liquids for electronic cigarettes and vapes in the State Tax Service

Legislation provides for the following types of licenses for the circulation of liquids and the amount of state license fees:

  • E-Liquid Manufacturing License - UAH 780; 

  • E-Liquid Wholesale License - UAH 780;

  • E-Liquid Retail Trade License - UAH 780 for each retail point (regardless of its location).

You need to choose the type of license based on the type of business activity you will carry out. It should be understood that each license is issued for a separate type of activity, and therefore, in the case of production and sale of goods, you must obtain a license for both types of activities (unlike the rules for alcohol/alcoholic beverages licensing).

The period for obtaining an e-liquid license is 10 days following the date of submission of all documents.

The license is issued for 1 year (retail sales), or 5 years (production/wholesale).

The e-liquid license fees shall be paid before submitting the application.

Paying for the entire validity period of the license in a single payment is prohibited, so it is necessary to pay the official fee annually. In case of late payment, the licensing authority may suspend the license, which means a ban on such activities for the subject.

Why us

Full range of services
We can help not only with obtaining an e-liquid license, but also provide legal support for your entire business registration procedure at the first stage of work.
Efficient service delivery
Due to our considerable experience in providing this service, individual work with the Client will be carried out according to an expedited procedure. This will allow you to obtain a license in the shortest possible time.
Saving of time
By entrusting the case to our lawyers, you will not need to go to public authorities and find out information. Specialists will do everything necessary without your participation.

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What do you need to know about e-liquid licensing?

E-liquids are defined as a mixture of chemicals, which may or may not contain nicotine, used to create vapor in electronic smoking devices.

Since 2020, any operations involving liquids used in electronic cigarettes is subject to licensing. That is, if you have a vape shop and you sell not only e-cigarettes and vapes, but also liquids for these devices or even ingredients for liquids - you need a license.

Please note! The sale or manufacture of e-liquids without a license is subject to a fine of 200 percent of the value of available products, but not less than UAH 20,000 for the producers of e-liquids and not less than UAH 17,000 for retailers.

Where can you get a license for vape and e-cigarette liquids?

This depends on the type of license.

To obtain a license for the production of liquids, you must contact the State Tax Service of Ukraine.

To obtain a license for retail or wholesale trade in liquids, you must contact the territorial bodies of the State Tax Service of Ukraine.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Can I get a license in a place other than the place of residence/registration?

Yes, you can. The license is issued at the place of opening a sales outlet.

Can I sell e-liquids without using a cash register?

No, retail sale of excisable goods requires you to use a cash register and register it with the tax authorities.

Do I need to obtain a license for import/export of e-liquids in Ukraine?

Today, there is no separate license for import/export of e-liquids. However, it is necessary to obtain a license for the relevant type of activity in Ukraine. Therefore, if the business entity will supply e-liquids to other business entities - it is enough to get a Wholesale License. If the business entity sells e-liquids through its own stores - only a Retail Trade License is needed.

What are the requirements for e-liquid retail points of sale?

Retail trade must be conducted in the premises with the area of 20 square meters minimum. It can be a cafe, bar, etc., the only thing is that the premises must be equipped with appropriate sales counters, equipment, showcases.

A license to manufacture or sell vape or e-cigarette liquids is a new phenomenon in this type of business. However, our lawyers can obtain the license you need quickly and easily even today.

Don’t waste your time and don’t risk your business - contact us for your license!

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