Liquidation of sole proprietorship in Kiev (Ukraine)

Cost of services

Cost of services:

from 5000 USD
Sole Proprietorship Liquidation in Kyiv
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What we offer

  • Analyze the documents of the sole proprietorship;
  • Select the best option for the sole proprietorship liquidation for the Client;
  • Assist with exclusion from the United State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations of Ukraine (hereinafter the United State Register).
  • Refuse from the single tax;
  • Submit a liquidation report;
  • Provide legal support of the tax audit;
  • Obtain the Act of the tax audit;
  • Monitor the signing of the termination checklist;
  • Obtain a letter of confirmation of the termination of activities in the tax office;
  • Provide assistance with the liquidation of the sole proprietorship registered in Ukraine in the name of a foreigner.


Required documents

List of documents
Passport data and taxpayer identification number of the sole proprietorship
Source accounting documents of the sole proprietorship
Information the flow of funds on the sole proprietorship bank accounts (bank statements, bank account closure confirmation)
Sample documents for download

The cost of the Sole Proprietorship Liquidation in Kyiv with us starts from USD 5,000.

The Sole Proprietorship Liquidation Procedure in Ukraine takes on average about three years. Much depends on the situation, the practice of the tax authority, and other nuances of the procedure. 

The cost includes the formation of a package of documents and legal support of the sole proprietorship termination with the state authorities.

The service price does not include the cost of a notarial power of attorney.

We help to terminate a sole proprietorship in Ukraine for IT specialists, going abroad, or foreigners who have opened a sole proprietorship for their business activities in Ukraine.

Why us

Fixed price of our services
The price agreed at the beginning of our cooperation does not change under any circumstances.
Deregistration of the sole proprietorship in the register within 24 hours
We enter the information into the Unified State Register the next day after the receipt of the power of attorney.
Result guarantee
Our company has been working in this field since 2006. Our extensive experience allows us to provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our services.

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How to terminate a sole proprietorship in Kyiv?

Complete liquidation of the sole proprietorship consists of two stages:

Stage 1 (making a record about the termination of activities in the Unified State Register):

  • Consultation on the sole proprietorship termination;

  • Preparing all documents required for the liquidation of the sole proprietorship (application for termination of business, etc.);

  • Submitting the documents to the state registrar to make a record in the Unified State Register on the termination of the activity of a sole proprietor;

  • Obtaining a notice confirming the liquidation of the sole proprietorship;

  • Cancellation of registration as a single taxpayer in the relevant tax office.

Stage 2 (tax audit support):

  • Preparing documents of a sole proprietorship for a tax audit;

  • Interaction with the tax authorities on the issue of tax audit;

  • Submitting the necessary reports to the regulatory authorities;

  • Signing and receiving an act (certificate) on the results of the taxpayer audit.

How to terminate a sole proprietorship in Ukraine in 2021?  

Particular attention should be paid to the tax audit. To successfully pass the audit and deregistration, it is necessary to collect and put in order all documents that relate to the economic activities of the sole proprietor - agreements, bank statements, certificates, payment orders on the payment of unified tax / unified social contribution. It is very important to keep a correct book of income and expenses.

After closing the business in the Unified State Register through the state registrar, it is also necessary to close the bank accounts that were opened for the sole proprietorship.

Next, you need to pass a tax audit to avoid problems in the future. To do this, you must provide all the primary documents of the sole proprietorship. After the audit, the Client receives an Act (Certificate) on the results of the tax audit.

On the basis of the Act (Certificate), the tax office automatically deregisters the sole proprietor as a taxpayer. Only after the de-registration of the sole proprietorship, its liquidation is considered completed, and the Client will face no problems in the future.

Please note! If you do not pass a tax audit in a timely manner, there is a risk of fines for violation of tax laws, if the sole propritor will be found to have debts. And if you postpone this process, the minimum fines can grow by dozens of times, and without paying them you will not be able to liquidate the sole proprietorship. 

If you want to liquidate the sole proprietorship in Ukraine simply and safely, don’t hesitate to call us.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Is it necessary to pass a tax audit?

It is necessary to pass the audit in order to avoid potential problems related to the sole proprietorship activities in the future. After the budget liquidation, it often turns out that a Client has many thousands of tax debts. And this is usually because the Client has not been deregistered as a taxpayer from the tax office.

How to pass the audit if there are no necessary documents?

In this case, you should pay all tax debts, submit all necessary reports and wait for 3 years from the time of the liquidation. After the expiry of this period, you can pass the audit without having source documents.

Is it possible to reopen a sole proprietorship that was closed without the audit?

In this case, we don’t recommend you to reopen a sole proprietorship until you pass the audit of the previous activities.

What to do if we have source documents, but have neither the ledger, nor time to wait for 3 years?

In such a case, the sole proprietor shall pay a penalty of UAH 1020 for the loss of the Income Book. This provision only applies to the accounts for 2020.
From the 1st of January 2021 the form of the Income Book will not be valid and will not require registration with the tax authorities. Now you may submit it in any form (if paper - notebook, journal, if electronic - tables in Excel, Word file). Important: These changes do not cancel the obligation to fill in tax returns on the basis of primary documents.

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