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Nostrification of Diploma

Nostrification of Diploma

What we do

  • obtain the certificate of nostrification (recognition of foreign qualification);
  • analyze your diploma for the necessity of additional procedures, such as: translation into Ukrainian, notarization, determination of the type of legalization;
  • assist in collection of documents package for the diploma (other qualification document) nostrification;
  • if necessary provide verbal advice on the nostrification procedure.


Certificate of diploma nostrification in Ukraine
From 3000 UAH

Term of obtainment - from 5 days to 60 days.

A nostrificated diploma can be sent anywhere in Ukraine at client’s request.

Accelerated recognition procedure:

Regular duration of nostrification obtainment is about 60 days, but it can be minimized to 5 working days.

Important to know!
The term is based on whether the comparative analysis of the curriculums is necessary. Our experts carry out such an analysis and inform of how fast your diploma can be nostrificated in Ukraine.

In addition, you also need to pay for the notarized translation of documents and power of attorney.

Additional costs:

The compulsory payment (administrative fee)
to the state budget for the service of recognition of a foreign educational document is:

  • for individuals - UAH 51;
  • for legal entities - 85 UAH.

We determine the cost of services at the initial stage of cooperation. The guarantee of this may be in the form of a contract for the provision of legal services.


  • plus

    We have partnered up with certified translators

    You do not need to search for a translation bureau by yourself; our specialists will take care of it, because the firm has certified translators as business partners.
  • plus

    You will be working with English-speaking lawyers, who will ensure understanding and high quality cooperation with you

    We have extensive experience working with foreigners, so language barriers will not make difficulties in our cooperation.


Our lawyers will advise you!

Ask a lawyer

Documents for obtaining a certificate of nostrification

  • Notarized translation of the passport
  • Diploma
  • Diploma Supplement

In addition, the following documents are required (they are prepared by our lawyers):

  • application for the procedure of nostrification (confirmation of a foreign diploma);
  • application-consent for verification of personal data (in Ukrainian and English);
  • consent to the processing of personal data (from the holder and the applicant);
  • a notarized copy and a translation of a foreign diploma.


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Important to know

Obtainment of certificate in Ukraine

Nostrification of a diploma in Ukraine is required if you have an intention to work for a state institution with a foreign diploma. If you wish to continue studying at a public institution of higher education, the nostrification is conducted with the purpose of comparing the curriculum of a foreign country where the diploma was issued with the curriculum of Ukraine according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Such a procedure is determined by applicable legislation.

Obtaining a permit from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for medical practice and pharmaceutical activities

If you intend to work in the medical or pharmaceutical fields, while having a diploma from a foreign state - you have to obtain permit from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The procedure of its obtainment is following:

1) nostrification of the diploma;

2) submitting a set of documents to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, which includes employment records, diploma, certificate of specialist, identification code, documents on continuing education (if available) etc.;

3) passing of additional procedures at request of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine;

4) obtaining a permit.

Our lawyers can help with the obtainment of the permit for conducting medical practice and pharmaceutical activities. For details and additional information, please contact the specialist.

Procedure for recognition of education documents for training/ studying/ employment of Ukrainian citizens abroad

It is not always necessary to obtain a certificate of nostrification for foreign countries. In some cases only it is only required to undergo legalization procedure (apostille procedure in some cases). You need to get acquainted with these requirements with a help of an employer or an educational institution.


How fast can you nostrificate a diploma?
The term varies from 5 to 60 days.
How long will such documents be valid?
The certificate of nostrification is perpetual within the territory of Ukraine, that is, it is issued for an unlimited period of time.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner


The cost of the service includes full professional support by lawyers for obtaining a nostrificated diploma.

To obtain such a document, the client will only need to send all necessary materials by mail.

Documents that are not subject to the nostrification:

  1. all educational documents issued before May 15, 1992 in the countries which signed the Agreement on cooperation in the field of education (former republics of the USSR);
  2. documents issued by educational institutions or their branches that do not have a license for such activity and the appropriate level of accreditation;
  3. documents in which there is no information about obtaining educational qualification level.

If you still have questions, please, contact qualified specialists!