Issue the Dossier of the importer of medicines in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region

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  • Consult the Client on all issues related to drawing up the Pharmaceutical Importer’s Dossier in Kharkiv, we stipulate the price and theoretical terms of the order execution;
  • Work with the Client on the basis of a legal service agreement and confidentiality agreement;
  • Together with the Client, we work on the development of the Dossier on the basis of a specific importer;
  • Sign and hand over to the Client the ready-made Pharmaceutical Importer’s Dossier in Kharkiv.

If necessary, we can provide additional services, such as registration of medicinal products in the city of Kharkiv, etc.


The price and period for drawing up the Pharmaceutical Importer’s Dossier in the city of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region

The service price for drawing up the Pharmaceutical Importer’s Dossier in Kharkiv is negotiated with each individual Client. Any Dossier is drawn up for the needs of a particular importer, which implies the nuances of filling in the Dossier and different number of working hours of a lawyer.

The period for drawing up the Pharmaceutical Importer’s Dossier in Kharkiv is 2 - 4 weeks.

The list of documents required to draw up the Pharmaceutical Importer’s Dossier can be found on our main service page.

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How to draw up the Pharmaceutical Importer’s Dossier in the city of Kharkiv?

It’s worth remembering that the Pharmaceutical Importer’s Dossier must comply with both local Ukrainian and international law.

The Dossier is required to import medicines from abroad. Without it, you will not be able to import a medicinal product into Ukraine, because the Dossier is an obligatory document for obtaining a Permit to import drugs into Ukraine.

The problem is that the Ministry of Health of Ukraine has approved the form of the Pharmaceutical Importer's Dossier, but the very structure and content of the document is rather vague. And this gives the licensing authority enough room to refuse you.

Our lawyers have been working with the Ministry of Health for many years: we obtain Medical Licenses, register disinfectants and, of course, obtain a Permit to import medicines.

We offer you:

  • Experience gained by our lawyers. We have already provided assistance in preparing the Pharmaceutical Importer’s Dossier and if you wish, we can provide you with an example of developed dossiers for an importer from Holland;
  • Fixed price. After finding out the details of your situation and all the information we need to evaluate your case, we can tell you the price of legal services, which will be fixed and will not rise anymore.
  • Comprehensive service. We specialize in a variety of areas of law, for each of which we have chosen a professional lawyer. This allows us to solve any problem you have.

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