Obtainment of VAT payer certificate in Kyiv for an existing company

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Obtainment of VAT payer certificate in Kiev for an existing company. Minimal term is 5 business days. Minimal cost is 250 USD.

Typical procedure of interaction with a Client includes:

1. Analysis of Client situation and/or his company;

2. Passing of the required documents, issuance of letter of attorney for our legal experts and prepayment;

3. Provision of VAT payer certificate to our Client.

The described typical procedure may be changed to a more suitable for a Client variant.

At the moment there are no significant obstacles in obtaining of VAT payer certificate but requirements for the correct documents composition are still in force.

Issues related to obtainment of VAT payer certificate attracted our special attention since the fall of 2010 when our legal experts examined a bill of Tax Code of Ukraine. For our Clients we started to point out the fact that VAT payer certificate obtainment procedure was getting more complicated after 2011and we recommended to perform certain actions to minimize risks.

Practice shows that since the beginning of 2011 limitations related to VAT payer certificate obtainment are set not only officially but unofficially as well. Documents that were submitted to obtain VAT payer certificate would get “lost” at the State Tax Inspection, there would “appear” additional information and corrections and so on.

A few of our Clients had faced such problems after which our firm developed a new approach to obtainment of VAT payer certificate in Kyiv. With such approach our Clients would receive their certificates right after their first applying.

Since we have helped to obtain VAT payer certificate for so many Clients we have really significant experience and confidence about the result of the service provision. We were among the first ones in Ukraine who used a new stipulation of the Tax Code about 300000 UAH in charter capital to be a cause for VAT payer certificate obtainment. Moreover our legal expert at the request of “Liga” prepared an article for electronic magazine “Lawyer and Law” on the topic of “The right to pay VAT is to still to be earned”.

Our understanding of the real procedure of VAT payer certificate obtainment and significant experience are the key factors that allow us to obtain VAT payer certificate in Kyiv after the very first applying without any delays and with a guarantee. Moreover we will always help you to acquire a company with VAT certificate in Kyiv (in the requested district).

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