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Termination of guaranty agreement. Law firm “Pravova Dopomoga”. Kiev, Ukraine

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Our law firm has been practicing termination of guaranty since 2008.

The cost of guaranty termination service is calculated after analysis of a situation. The following information will guide you through the cost of firm’s services: сost of legal advice on termination of guaranty starts at 200 UAH, cost of lawyer’s participation in 1 court hearing starts at 800 UAH.

What we do

We offer the following legal services related to termination of guaranty in Ukraine:

1. Advising on matters related to termination of guaranty

Our lawyers will analyze your situation and determine whether it is possible to apply provisions about termination of guaranty. As the result of legal advice provision you will get:

  • clear understanding of the situation future development (opportunity to terminate guaranty without fulfillment of obligations under agreement or inability of such result achievement);
  • explanation of the most acceptable variants of actions which are required for the guaranty termination.

2. Pre-litigation settlement of a situation with a creditor

Solutions that are developed in legal advice will enable our experts to have a constructive dialogue with a creditor about termination of guaranty in the form which is the most beneficial for a guarantor and suitable for a creditor at the same time.

3. Support of litigation in termination of guaranty

We do our best not to let the dispute undergo court proceedings but if it is unavoidable our lawyers will protect guarantor’s interests in court.

Additional information about the service

You may find it useful to read our analytical materials on termination of guaranty as well as descriptions of particular cases of firm’s practice.

If you have any questions contact us at +38 044 359-09-10 or by other means of communication.

  • Director V. Sokolenko, LLC "Agromilk"
    In turn lawyers of the Law firm ''Pravova Dopomoga" do not only act quickly in regard to our requests but also understand the very process of conduction of activities
  • Director G. Smirnov, LLC "Olvita"
    LLC "Olvita" expresses its gratitude to law firm "Pravova Dopomoga" for highly professional advices provided by your experts on legal issues
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