Comment on legislation: License obtainment. Obtainment of license in Ukraine

In order to conduct some types of activities it is required to obtain a license. Majority of types of activities that are licensed in Ukraine are defined by the Law of Ukraine “On licensing of some types of economic activities”. This law includes not only the list of activities types which require licenses but provides procedure of certain license obtainment.

It is worth mentioning that the law is not applied to obtainment of licenses for some types of activities that are regulated by other laws. This law is not applied to licensing of:

  • Banking services;
  • Foreign trade activities;
  • Intellectual property;
  • Activities in the field of education;
  • Professional activities on securities market;
  • Activities in the field of television and radio broadcasting;
  • Provision of financial services;
  • Electric power industry and use of nuclear energy.

In order to obtain a license it is required to:

  • Examine provisions of the Law of Ukraine “On licensing of some types of economic activities” which includes general regulations related to license obtainment, procedure of license obtainment as well as liability for violation of license terms;
  • Read the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On approval of list of documents which are submitted along with application for license obtainment for a particular type of economic activity”. This document includes list of documents that are to be submitted in order to obtain a certain license;
  • Examine license terms set for a type of activity one is interested in. License terms for each license are individual; they are approved by either resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine or order of licensing body. They are not difficult to find. All one has to do is to web search for “License terms in Ukraine…” and specify the type of activity he is interested in (for example transportation, tourism, private protection, construction, etc.);
  • Define the licensing body which is required to interact with in order to obtain the license based on the information from the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On approval of list of licensing bodies”;
  • Collect and file all the required documents to the licensing body as well as perform actions which are required for one’s company to be in compliance with license terms;
  • If it is required, one has to be present at a licensing body committee when license related decision is made;
  • Receive the license at licensing body.

In order to obtain a license it is also required to find out the real situation regarding a particular license obtainment:

  • Whether a licensing body is functioning (in 2012 it was impossible to obtain some licenses for more than 5 months due to the fact that some licensing bodies were not functioning);
  • Determine length of applications line (consideration of documents for obtainment of some licenses may be delayed);
  • Determine rate at which licenses you are interested in are issued after the first attempt (it is practically impossible to obtain some licenses personally without qualified help, for example construction license, license for operations with scrap metal, etc.).

Such information is difficult to find on the Internet, it is available for persons who specialize in license obtainment.

If you decide to use help of experts which will help to obtain license we would recommend to specify the term of your license obtainment as well as any guaranties of license obtainment at first attempt. Besides we recommend you to clear up whether your company complies with license terms and if not – whether the experts bring it into compliance personally or you have to do it by yourself.

Despite the fact whether you obtain a license personally or with a help of experts we wish you to obtain it at first attempt. But unfortunately attempts to obtain license personally do not always have positive results.

If you want to obtain a license quickly and with a guaranty we will be glad to help you.

The most popular licenses:

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Publication date: 16/12/2011

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