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Limitations of conducting business in Ukraine

According to the legislation of Ukraine, foreign and stateless persons are entitled to conduct investment, foreign economic and other forms of entrepreneurial activities in Ukraine provided by the legislation of Ukraine while holding the same rights and obligations as the citizens of Ukraine with exception to the right to own agricultural land as well as some political rights etc.

Limitations to conduct business in Ukraine can be expressed in the following two ways.

The first aspect is a prohibition to conduct certain kinds of entrepreneurial activity without obtainment of a special permit (a license, patent, permit etc). This category includes various kinds of activity connected with passenger and hazardous cargo transportation, conducting TV and radio broadcasting, construction, educational and banking activity etc.

The second aspect is connected with a full prohibition to conduct specific economic activity. In Ukraine, it is prohibited to conduct business connected with production and circulation of narcotics, production and sale of weapons of war and ammunition, amber extraction, protection of specific objects of state property, conducting criminal forensic medicine and psychiatric examinations, technical maintenance and exploitation of primary networks and satellite systems of telephone communications etc.

There are also active restrictions on conducting business, which requires specific technical, organizational, qualificatory requirements, and a comprehensive ban of doing business connected with manufacturing and/or usage of substances, equipment etc, restricted or prohibited according to the state.

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