AvtoTak program

As of today Ukrainian mass media are quite actively promoting opportunities of car purchase under AvtoTak program.

Promising advertising, friendly managers and beneficial terms entice clients to participate in the program. However external attractiveness and “beneficial” terms delude potential owners of cars who expect to acquire a car quickly and with maximal economy. After agreements are signed it becomes apparent that things are not the way they seemed to be.

One should pay attention to terms of agreement which is entered into by LLC “Avto Prosto” and its clients that become participants of AvtoTak program. Terms of agreement are enlisted on one A4 sheet and at first glance seem to be clear and beneficial for a client. However the agreement contains a number of annexes. The annexes are provided in the form of texts, schemes and charts that have such wordings of articles that may be misunderstood even by an experienced lawyer. But taking into consideration the fact that LLC “AvtoTak” does not allow its potential clients to take agreement outside the office it can be familiarized with only directly before signing. So basically the clients cannot fully understand what they are signing and what consequences it can cause.

And when you finally understand terms of the agreement it turns out that it practically impossible to be terminated unilaterally since terms of the agreement provide 7 days for its termination. This term starts since the day when the agreement was signed. It is stipulated by one of annexes. Moreover the first payment which is made by a client for a car is considered to be an enrollment fee and it cannot be returned.

A client of AvtoTak that manages to get a car is more of an exception rather than a rule. At the same time price of the car rises comparing to the market price of a similar vehicle while date of obtainment frequently remains undefined. Along with this while making monthly payments a client cannot use his vehicle.

Positive experience of our firm related to “happy” clients of AvtoTak shows that founded legal position allows one to achieve return of “invested” money even prior to obtainment of court decision.

This comment was written by lawyers of law firm “Pravova Dopomoga” and it is related to service of Legal representation.

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