The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the new criteria for risk evaluation of activities in the field of transportation business

On August 14, 2019 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine issued a Resolution approving the criteria for risk assessment in the field of transportation business, as well as stipulating the frequency of inspections to be carried out by the State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety. 

The Resolution applies to the following types of the road transportation activities:

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine determines the following criteria for risk assessment:

  • Category (type) of the wheeled vehicle;
  • Type of bus routes;
  • Mode of transportation;
  • Number of traffic violations (for the last 2 years);
  • Number of road traffic accidents related to the company’s activities (for the last 3 years);
  • Number violations of rules for dangerous goods and wastes transportation (for the last 2 years);
  • Number of violations of the requirements for drivers’ work and rest periods (for the last 2 years);
  • Number of violations of the human rights of persons with disabilities (for the last 2 years);
  • Number of violations of the licence conditions by the company (for the last 3 years).

The activity-related risk is determined in points, which are used to assess the risk levels:

0 - 20 points - negligible risk level;

21 - 40 - medium risk level;

41 - 100 - high risk level.

What do these points affect?

This risk level classification shall play a key role in determining the frequency of inspections. This means that companies with a high risk level will be subject to more frequent inspections in comparison to other companies with lower risk levels - once every 2 years; companies with a medium risk level - once every 3 years; companies with a negligible risk level - once every 5 years.

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Publication date: 30/08/2019

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