How and where to get an alcohol license in 2020 in Ukraine?

If you plan to start a restaurant or cafe, you will need at least an Alcohol License, and at most a Tobacco Retail License.

Our lawyers provide services for obtaining both types of licenses, so they can answer any questions you may have regarding the licensing process. Let’s elaborate on the most frequently asked questions.

Who needs an Alcohol License?

Businesses that own stores, cafes, restaurants and intend to sell alcoholic beverages and tobacco products will need an Alcohol or Tobacco Retail License.

The broad term “Alcohol License” includes 3 types of licenses. The difference between them is the type of alcohol, which you need to obtain a license for:

  • License for all types of alcohol (the license fee is UAH 8,000). Business entities operating under the general taxation system are entitled to obtain such a license;
  • License for beer and wine (the license fee is UAH 8,000). This type of license can be obtained by business entities using the simplified tax regime and general taxation system;
  • License for cider and perry (the license fee is UAH 780). Business entities both using the general tax system and the simplified tax regime have the right to apply for such a license.

What is needed to get an Alcohol License?

The law governing the licensing requirements for the sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products states that in order to obtain the license, you must submit an application, specifying:

  • Availability of a cash register or a book of accounting for settlement transactions (factory number, manufacturer, registration number of the cash register certificate, payment transaction record book);
  • Address of the place of business.

You may face some difficulties due to the fact that there is no approved form of the application, which allows the licensing authority at its discretion to decide whether your application meets the requirements of the law and the position of the licensing authority. Our lawyers have developed and tested in practice our application template for the Alcohol License, which does not cause any problems when obtaining the license.

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What other documents do you need to obtain the Alcohol License?

When submitting an application to the licensing authority, you will be asked to submit, apart from the application, the following information:

  • Pictures of the premises where alcohol will be sold.

The law does not require such pictures, but they are clearly required by the licensing authority in practice.

Please note! Pictures of the premises must be taken from the angle so that the tax inspection can see the condition of the premises.

  • Copies of documents confirming the tenant’s title to the premises.

An important aspect is that if you have a sublease agreement for the premises, you will have to enclose documents confirming the leasehold rights to the premises, as well as a document confirming the original owner’s rights to the premises. The licensing authority wants to be able to trace the entire chain to your right to use the premises.

  • The receipt of the state fee payment.
  • Extract from the United State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations of Ukraine.

Please note! Pictures of the premises and the receipt of the state fee payment shall be submitted before the license application, otherwise the on-site inspection be scheduled.

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What are the requirements for the premises to be used for the sale of alcohol?

The premises to be used for the sale of the goods must be at least 20 square meters. 

Please note! Despite the fact that there is no direct indication of this requirement in the law, the premises shall be equipped with a cash register and / or a software cash register, or all proceeds shall be recorded in the payment transaction record book, regardless of their quantity.

Before submitting a package of documents for the license, our lawyers also need No.20-ОПП and No.1-PPO certificates, because the information about the place of business in these documents must coincide with the information that will be specified in the document confirming your right to use the premises.

In practice, any entrepreneur who wants to obtain the Alcohol License realizes that the legal procedure for obtaining the license is not perfect. This means that only a lawyer with a successful practice of communicating with the licensing authority will help you clearly understand the requirements of the licensing authority.

If you want to obtain the Alcohol License easily and safely, don’t hesitate to call us. We will take care of the whole process of communication with the licensing authority.

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Publication date: 21/08/2020

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