The Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine has stopped issuance of licenses for mediation in employment abroad

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Those who deal with the mediation in employment abroad and have already obtained a license know that this is a complicated procedure. We, as a firm, which  has been helping Clients to obtain the specified license or several years running, have been monitoring the behavior of the licensing authority all this time.

Only in the last few years:

  • The same document templates could be left by the Ministry without consideration. At the same time, the licensing authority gave the most abstract reason for this: documents do not comply with the licensing conditions.

We suggested the following solution: pay attention to filling out documents to obtain a mediation license and use our template, which has been tried and tested by years of successful submission of applications to the licensing authority.

  • Requirements for paperwork have changed, despite the lack of changes in the law. For example, as early as 2017, it was not the original draft labor contract that was submitted, but a copy certified by the license applicant. Then they began to demand the original. In the draft labor contract itself, at first it was enough to indicate the number of working hours per day and days per week, but over time, the Ministry of Social Development demanded that the working day be completely scheduled: the beginning of work, lunch break, etc. Such new requirements appeared every two to three months.

We carried out the following: having got the established tactics of working with documents and communicating with licensing bodies, we immediately responded to any change in the policy of the Ministry. What helped to avoid refusals and endless re-submission of documents for a license. For example, we provided our Clients with information on how to correctly fill out the schedule of the working day so that the document would be accepted by the licensing authority or prepared the draft contract ourselves.

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However, despite such a speed of changing personal opinions and positions regarding documents, the licensing authority would still issue licenses, in other words, it continued to operate.

Now, if you go to the website of the licensing authority, you can see that the last license was issued on September 30, 2019. Not a single license has been issued for more than a month. Judging by the number of cases left without consideration, there are no fewer people wishing to obtain a license.

But what has happened? Are all applicants reading legislation incorrectly and unable to meet the requirements? Maybe, the requirements have become such that no one else knows for certain what they are and therefore cannot meet them?

There are rumors among lawyers that the new leadership has artificially put the whole process on hold. They also say that the licensing of mediation in employment abroad will be transferred to the Ministry of Economy. Perhaps, the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine licensing department wants to wait out and figure out what will happen to the licensing process in the future.

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How to get a license to work abroad when the licensing authority does not work?

Since the licensing authority itself refuses to provide information, and working without a license is illegal, the following options are possible:

  • Thoroughly prepare the entire package of documents in order to be sure of a positive decision on the very first application submission and carefully monitor the actions of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine in order to manage to submit documents as soon as the work is restored.

Our experts can take care of your documents for a license for you. After all, we constantly keep abreast and monitor every movement of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine.

  • Buy an “off-the-shelf” company with a license for mediation in employment abroad. Our company offers to purchase “off-the-shelf” companies registered by us in advance with valid licenses. This will give you an opportunity to start your own business without waiting for any response from the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine.

Our specialists themselves are interested in the further development of events, and we promise to keep you informed.

If you want to get more information about the license for mediation in employment or to obtain this type of license with our help, give us a call!

Publication date: 12/11/2019

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