The Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine again issues the licenses for mediation in employment abroad

Recently we informed that since the end of September 2019, there has not been a single decision on the issuance of the Overseas Employment Agency License on the website of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine.

At the same time, all submitted applications were left without consideration for rather abstract reasons: the documents do not meet the requirements of the licensing regulations.

Today, after a long break, we can see the first positive decisions on the website. We couldn’t help but wonder why the Ministry of Social Policy took such a long “break” and what has changed.

Today we are ready to answer the last question.

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Innovations in the work of the Ministry of Social Policy related to granting Overseas Employment Agency Licenses

  • Now applicants shall specify their bank accounts. The account number shall be indicated not only in the license application, but also in the cooperation agreement with a foreign partner and the draft employment agreement;
  • The IBAN accounts can now be easily checked,  for example, here. The Ministry of Social Policy is actively using such services. Therefore, it is very important to correctly specify the account details. The country code is an integral component of the IBAN;
  • The registration document of a foreign partner must be “newly issued”. Despite the fact that the licensing regulations do not expressly stipulate this requirement, the Ministry of Social Policy wants to play safe. Therefore, if your partner’s registration document was issued, for example, a year or two ago, you may be refused a license;
  • State officials have learned how to use electronic services of other countries, where information about the company is publicly available. At the same time, the Ministry of Social Policy continues to require a paper document confirming the registration of a foreign partner in its country. And if the Ministry of Social Policy finds differences when checking the paper document and the document in the electronic service, you will be refused a license.

Therefore, before applying for a license, you should make sure that your foreign partner, after providing you with an extract from the trade or court register, has not performed any registration activities, such as changing or adding an additional type of activity, telephone, etc.

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The revival of the licensing process is a great news. But it is worth paying attention to the new approach of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine to the verification of documents submitted for the Overseas Employment Agency Licence.

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Publication date: 10/12/2019

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