Company obtained wholesale drug distributor licenses in Ukraine with our help

We were addressed by a Client that required wholesale drug distributor licenses in Ukraine.

The Client planned to get involved in drugstore business and had already invested money in required material and technological basis as well as staff. The difficulty was that he had already failed to obtain the distributor license twice (this resulted in significant losses).

During the legal advice provision we found out that the Client was primarily interested in guaranteed license obtainment within shortest term.

Our experts collected information about material and technical basis that was in compliance with the requirements of the legislation, drafted passport of a medical warehouse appropriately, prepared and submitted a set of documents to the licensing authority as well as supported the process of documents consideration.

As the result of service provision the Client obtained all the required licenses after the first attempt and launched his own drugstore business. Moreover, the term of license obtainment was significantly shorter than common terms for obtainment of license for drug distributor in Ukraine.

Publication date: 16/11/2011

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