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Nostrification of diploma in 2019: how to secure the recognition of foreign documents on higher education?

During obtaining a medical practice license we often receive requests from the foreigners who have a graduate medical education and wish to open a private business on provision of healthcare to the general public in Ukraine.

In such a case, the documents of foreigners about higher education must go through the process of nostrification - recognition in Ukraine. Only after that, a person will be able to carry out all the following actions to start a job or a business in the area of providing medical services.

Today we will talk about our practical experience and answer the question: “How to nostrify a foreign diploma in Ukraine”?

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Legal support of nostrification of documents in Ukraine

In the summer of 2019, two Clients, who had documents on higher medical education received abroad, turned to us at the same time Both wanted to get a medical practice license and start working in Ukraine.

We offered them:

  • A consultation on the recognition of documents in Ukraine and the possibility of obtaining a license;
  • to review the available educational documents.

Important! The Ministry of Education and Science checks not only the diploma itself, but also the previous document on education - that is, the one on the basis of which the document on final higher medical education was obtained.

It was this that became an obstacle for one of the Clients, as it turned out that he received a medical diploma on the basis of a document on education issued by the “Donetsk People’s Republic”, which is not recognized by Ukraine.

Before the very submission of educational documents for their recognition in Ukraine, we additionally consulted with the Ministry of Education and Science where we were told that:

if the authenticity and legality of the document on education and the document on the basis of which the document on higher medical education was received would not be officially recognized in Ukraine, then nostrification would be denied.

What does it mean? That the chances of getting a permit on the basis of any document from a territory not recognized by Ukraine were extremely small. We warned the Client about this.

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Submission of documents for recognition to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Both Clients decided to submit documents for recognition (nostrification) to the Ministry of Education and Science. On the same day, the lawyers of our company prepared all the necessary documents and had the Clients sign them.

The term for reviewing documents and making decisions on recognition (nostrification) is 60 days However, for various reasons, this period may be extended.

We offered the Clients the option of speeding up the nostrification process. From that moment, both cases went on in different directions.

Nostrification of a doctor’s diploma, a citizen of Russia: In order to avoid a possible delay in obtaining a decision on the recognition or non-recognition of documents, we proposed the procedure of apostilization of documents on education in the Russian Federation.

A week after the provision of an apostilled diploma of education, we received and sent on to the Client a decision on the recognition of his education certificate in Ukraine.

Nostrification of the diploma of a doctor who was educated in the Donetsk People’s Republic: the Ministry of Education and Science decided to refuse to recognize documents of education, since the educational institutions of the Donetsk People’s Republic, like the Donetsk People’s Republic itself, are not officially recognized by Ukraine.

Since we had warned the Client about the high probability of such a decision, we could not help at the moment in any way. In order to solve the problem of the Client, we offered him the following options:

How to get a medical license in Ukraine for a foreigner?

Nostrification of a foreign document on higher medical education is only the first step. Obtaining a license for a foreign doctor has the following steps:

At this stage, our company provides legal support to the Client in obtaining permission from the Ministry of Health to carry out the professional medical practice. We are ready to legally support you throughout the entire procedure.

If you want to receive a decision on the recognition in Ukraine of a foreign document on education or to obtain a license for medical practice - you can get in touch with us in any way convenient for you.

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