Obtaining a license on security activity for individual entrepreneur

In December 2018, a Client applied to us who wanted to get a license for security guard activity. The Client was registered as an individual entrepreneur and he was sure that an individual entrepreneur could not get such a license and that one should register a legal entity. The Client did not have a person, either, who could be appointed as a specialist for organization of security guard activity (hereinafter referred as Specialist). For that reason, having seen on the website of our company the information that we could help with solving the question with a Specialist, he decided to apply namely to us.

Thus, the Client was interested in the following issues:

  • consulting in getting a license for security guard activity for an individual entrepreneur;
  • registration of a legal entity, if required;
  • solving the question about the Specialist.

As for getting a license for an individual entrepreneur, our layers assured the Client at once that according to clause 4 of the License provisions for security guard activity (hereinafter referred to as License provisions), both legal entities and individual entrepreneurs may perform the security guard activity. Therefore it is not necessary to register a legal entity. Client’s judgments about impossibility of getting a license for individual entrepreneurs were wrong. It should be noted that some of our clients had similar opinion concerning performance of that activity exceptionally by a legal entity. That confirms the fact that when ordering a specific legal service, a situation should be outlined accurately, because a more reasonable option of solving the problem is possible.

Out lawyers also explained that when an individual entrepreneur is getting a license for security guard activity there are certain specifics. For example, in case an individual entrepreneur rejects the taxpayer registration number (also known as taxpayer identification number), he should provide for the licensing authority a copy of passport with a corresponding note. Requirement of license provisions about providing for the licensing authority a copy of labor agreement with a security guard activity Specialist does not concern individual entrepreneurs who themselves comply with license provisions and are going to perform his (Specialist’s) duties.

Since the Client did not comply with license provisions and for getting a license he had to hire a person who could perform Specialist’s duties, our lawyers helped to select such a person and make an agreement with him. As a result, the license for security guard activity was obtained within the legal period.

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Publication date: 23/01/2019

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