Obtainment of a license for supplying of electrical energy to a client from Poltava city

What advantages we provided for the client:

  • The client got a license without coming to Kiev;
  • There was no need to look additionally for a programmer for development of the website.

A client applied to us, and namely a legal entity, a private enterprise from the city of Poltava.

He wanted to get a license for electric power supply, but the licensing authority was in Kiev, and the client’s enterprise is situated in Poltava. Therefore the client was concerned about the question – in what way would providing of service take place, would coming to Kiev be required, and also whether we would be able to help him with development of the website which is required for complying with the licensing terms and conditions? Is it possible to do that all remotely, without client’s obligatory coming to Kiev.

Besides that, the client did not want to order services on development of the website at a web-agency. He wanted that exceptionally one company was engaged in getting a license, because besides the legally correct preparation of the package of documents, as it was noted already, it was necessary to develop a website which would comply with the licensing terms and conditions, and not to spend extra time and money with that.

How did we solve the client’s question?

The lawyers of our company took a decision about engaging an internal specialist who, under the direction of an experienced lawyer, developed quickly enough and without problems a corresponding website.

After preparation of the website and of the necessary documents, a package of documents was passed to the client for signing. After signing the documents, the client sent them to us by post from Poltava to Kiev, and our lawyers submitted those documents to the NEURC (National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission of Ukraine) for getting a license for electric power supply. Also, at client’s request, we got a paper copy of the licensing authority’s resolution about issue of license.

What use did the client get?

The client got a license for electric power supply.

With that, the client did not have to:

  • spend time for searching a web-agency for development of a website;
  • come to Kiev by himself.

Thus, a license for electric power supply for consumers was obtained with minimal expenditure of time and money on client’s part.

In case you stay not in Kiev and you want to get a license for electric power supply, do it remotely right now. Please, phone: 0 800 330 967

Publication date: 21/02/2019

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