Helped a client to obtain precursor chemicals license in Ukraine

Get precursor chemicals license in Ukraine

In April of 2016 our law firm received a request from a Client who wanted to get license for operations with precursors in Ukraine. 

At the time, the new licensing conditions were just adopted and should have come into force, therefore, the Client was wondering how that would affect the procedure for obtaining this license. After all, a package of documents was prepared in accordance with the requirements of licensing conditions, which were about to lose their force. The Client was also wondering what kind of special permit would the head of the enterprise need to have in order to carry out activities involving the distribution of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, and precursors. After all, the current licensing conditions require it. Do the new licensing conditions require it to be available?

It is worth noting that this Client is not the only one who was interested in the question of what that mysterious special permit was all about. This permit is nothing more than just a document confirming the receipt of any education. In the practice of our company, there was even a case when the director of the enterprise had only basic school education. In that case, it was sufficient to obtain a license to present a copy of the school certificate.

Regarding the change of the licensing conditions First of all, it should be noted that the new licensing conditions that govern the implementation of economic activities related to the distributions of narcotic drugs and precursors were adopted in order to simplify the procedure for obtaining this license, as well as to adapt the licensing conditions themselves to changes in legislation. For example, previous terms and conditions (valid at the time of the Customer’s request) demanded to provide an anti-narcotics police (ANP) conclusion. But there was a restructuring in the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The term “an ANP conclusion” ceased to exist. Instead, a permit to use facilities and premises came about, It is issued by the National Police. The State Service of Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety was liquidated, the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service was in the process of reorganization (under threat of liquidation). All this made it difficult and sometimes made it impossible to obtain permits and certificates from state bodies that underwent reform. But current conditions still required their availability. Thus, thanks to the adoption of the new licensing conditions, it was possible to resolve disagreements in the legislation on this type of activity.

Currently, legislation is changing rapidly. But our company has been on the market for the eleventh year now and has seen many legislative acts in several revisions in its “life”. Sometimes the order of some procedures changed dramatically. However, our lawyers are always successful in carrying out their tasks, including obtaining a license to handle precursors.

And this case was no exception! Like in other cases, nothing prevented us from obtaining the license for our Client that he badly needed . By the way, this was one of the first licenses issued by the specified licensing authority under the new licensing conditions.

Publication date: 26/08/2016

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