We obtained a license for a dentist after he had received four refusals of licensing authority

A Client – a sole proprietor dentist from Kirovograd region who wanted to obtain a medical license – retained services of our firm in June of 2018. The Client finally decided to seek professional assistance in obtaining the license, but for an understanding of this, he needed to get four refusals and lose more than three months.

Obtaining medical licenses in the in the field of dentistry is a predominant practice in the work of our firm. Even so, each Client’s situation has its own particularities and needs an individual approach. It is impossible to find out the causes for the refusal or to state the exact services cost without having reviewed the documents of the Client in advance. We do not do this job for free, because it requires a professional approach and our conclusions (recommendations) must meet all the requirements for the service quality provided by our lawyers.

The Client's situation was that he wanted to license two identical dental offices in one building, with the intention of working there all by himself. Such an unusual situation raises the questions of the licensing authority, however, it is not prohibited and can be easily licensed should the documents be properly formalized.

Upon reviewing refusals of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, which outlined inconsistencies in the submitted documents, we clarified the following:

  • the Client’s available equipment was not in compliance with the regulatory set list for dentistry, other norms of medical legislation and requirements of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine;
  • there were not all the legally required measuring devices among the equipment (for example, a tonometer, a hygrometer, etc.), which a dentist must have, as well as some devices were  lacking metrological certification;
  • the requirements for the plurality of positions and the work schedule were not in compliance with the doctor’s work in a municipal medical establishment.

Moreover, the documents were not properly formalized. The questions arose not only about the form of submission of documents to the licensing authority, but also to how they were signed.

First of all, we informed the Client of all the reasons for refusing in license issuance and advised, which equipment should be purchased additionally and which of the measuring devices are supposed to undergo the metrology certification.

Subsequently, we proposed to the Client changes to the office schedule, which would not violate the requirements for labor standards, rules for positions overlapping, etc.

Our lawyers made amendments to license application and other documents subject to filing with the Ministry, providing the information in the proper manner, according to the form which would satisfy the licensing authority. Our Client was able to obtain the license for medical practice during the nearest licensing commission and start work immediately.

We see the value of our services in the sense that they allow our Clients to undergo the administrative procedures introduced by the state as soon as possible and at minimum expense, thereby minimizing the expenses of meeting legal requirements during the business opening.

The time, which a business owner or his key management spends on solving this issue personally, not to mention the time lost as the result of mistakes and the delay of the process, costs money. Our customers understand it.

Publication date: 23/08/2018

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