Our firm supported obtainment of telecommunications license in Ukraine

In June of 2017, we were contacted by a Client who intended to obtain a Telecommunications License. The Client has already created a network, having purchased all the necessary equipment. He needed to obtain the license and to get registered in the Register of the telecommunications operators and providers in the shortest possible time in order to legalize his business activities.

After the Legal Services Agreement was concluded and we received the advance payment, our lawyers analyzed the documents provided by the Client, including equipment certificates. These documents met all the requirements of the licensing authority. However, the analysis revealed that the activities of the applicant’s company specified in the Unified State Register database did not include any telecommunication services. Based on our experience, the absence of the abovementioned types of economic activity (KVED) is likely to result in a high risk to have the documents left without consideration. Despite the fact that the Client was in a hurry and making changes to the types of economic activity takes much less time than waiting for comments from the licensing authority, it was decided to make these changes.

The package of documents to be submitted to the licensing authority shall also include the telecommunication network scheme and the telecommunication network creation plan. Since these documents reflect the peculiarities of the construction and planned development of the telecommunications network, they are usually prepared by the Client’s technical staff according to the samples provided by our company’s specialists. However, based on our experience, the preparation of such documents causes difficulties for the technical service staff. This was true for this case as well: the results of the work on the scheme and plan, unfortunately, turned out to significantly differ from the requirements of the licensing authority. Thanks to the online work of our lawyers with the technical specialists of the Client, the necessary documents were properly developed within the shortest possible time.

At the time of submission of the documents for obtaining the Telecommunication License, the Client has also made an additional request, which was not agreed upon at the stage of conclusion of the Agreement - to be included in the Register of operators and providers. In order not to delay the process, we decided to add this simple procedure to the total scope of work under the Agreement without increasing the price of our services. It is very important for us that the Client is satisfied with the cooperation and we are pleased when our Clients receive more than they expected.

A week and a half after the submission of the documents, our Client was included in the Register of operators and providers. This is quite fast, given the deadline of ten business days established by law for this procedure. In order to achieve the abovementioned efficiency, when submitting the documents, we take into account the dates of the nearest commissions of the licensing authority. A week later we received a positive decision to issue the License for our Client.

Publication date: 18/07/2017

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