Our lawyers managed to get license for employment agency in 10 days

At the beginning of February 2019, our company was contacted by a Client who needed to obtain a license for employment agency in foreign countries as soon as possible. The Client assured our lawyers that he already had an Employment Agency Agreement with a foreign partner. The Client had to recruit employees directly for the final employer, who was pressed for time. That’s why the Client wanted to know:

  • whether he was allowed to recruit job seekers at the time of obtaining a license;
  • the shortest possible time to obtain a license;
  • documents required to obtain the license.

Our lawyers provided the Client with the comprehensive legal advice on the abovementioned questions.

While obtaining a license for employment agency, the applicant is prevented by law from recruiting employees for a foreign partner. The fact remains that any  economic activities requiring licences and permits can be carried out only after obtaining a license.

The shortest possible period for obtaining a license is ten business days following the date the documents are submitted to the licensing authority. But due to the fact that our documents have been “refined” during the years of extensive practice in this area, they usually do not raise any questions from the licensing authority. This means that our Clients can obtain the license even sooner.

One of the most important document for obtaining a license is a foreign partner’s registration certificate which shall be duly certified in his/her country. Depending on the country of origin, the registration certificate shall be legalized, certified by apostille or notary. Learn more about the documents to be submitted for obtaining a license, as well as the requirements for certification of foreign partner’s documents here.

In addition, to obtain a license for employment agency, an applicant shall have a foreign economic agreement with a foreign partner and a draft employment agreement. But if the Clients do not have  these agreements, our lawyers can assist them in drafting the required documents.

Having analyzed the foreign economic agreement concluded by and between the Client and his foreign partner, as well as the draft employment agreement, our lawyers found some legal defects. Therefore, to avoid wasting time on additional proofreading and amendment of certain provisions, we offered the Client to draft these agreements according to our samples, which he agreed to.

We also notified the Client that our lawyers can guarantee short timeframes for obtaining a license only after we receive all the required documents signed by the Client. Thus, the terms of obtaining a license directly depended on his partner’s promptness in signing and providing us with the specified documents.

Being highly interested in getting the license as soon as possible, both the Client and his partner performed all the necessary actions in a few days.

In this regard, our lawyers managed to obtain the license for employment agency in foreign countries less than in two weeks, and our Client was very pleased with such a result.

If you need to quickly obtain a license for employment agency in foreign countries, you should pay particular attention to drafting a complete set of documents, as well as to insure their proper content. Nothing delays the obtainment of a license more than amending the documents in accordance with the licensing authority’s remarks, especially if the documents shall be signed again in another country.

Publication date: 23/04/2019

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