Helped a client to get veterinarian practice license in Ukraine

In June of 2017, we were contacted by a Client from the Poltava region, who intended to obtain a license to practice veterinary medicine and open his own veterinary clinic. The Client confessed that at first he followed advices of his colleagues, who told him that it was quite simple to obtain such a license. So he tried to apply for it without legal assistance. But after the documents were left without consideration, he decided to seek assistance of professionals, because he did not fully understand the comments of licensing authority on his documents, and decided that his second attempt might not be successful as well.

Having analyzed the documents submitted by the Client to the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection, we immediately found out the problem. Despite the fact that the information on the material and technical base consists of only five points, one of the sticking points for most people is to properly describe the characteristics of the premises where they are going to practice veterinary medicine. The fact is that, according to the licensing regulations governing the veterinary practice, the veterinary clinic shall include: a specialist’s workplace, a place for the storage of medicines, biologic drugs and medical instruments, taking into account their physical and chemical properties and the impact of various environmental factors on them, a place for sterilization of protective clothing, tools and materials, a place for the storage of household equipment. These licensing regulations do not contain a detailed description of the requirements for the material and technical base. Therefore, it is necessary to be guided by other laws and regulations, such as the Law of Ukraine “On Veterinary Medicine”, the Rules for Transportation and Storage of Animal Drugs and the like. Incomplete or incorrect description of the premise characteristics is one of the reasons for refusal to grant a license.

Having analyzed other documents submitted to the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection, our lawyers removed some other non-critical deficiencies in order to ensure that the Client was not refused the license to practice veterinary medicine. On the same day, our lawyers properly prepared all the necessary documents and submitted them to the licensing authority. Less than two weeks later, our Client obtained the decision to issue a license to practice veterinary medicine and was able to start its business activity. The Client admitted that it was a right decision to contact our company, because he would hardly have gained insight into the subtle details on his own. And that is why his second attempt to apply for the license without assistance could be also disappointing.

Publication date: 11/07/2017

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