Helped to obtain a drugstore license in Vinnytsia region

Who is a client?

  • Sole proprietorship (SP);
  • intended to open a drugstore in a village;
  • since he signed the lease agreement - sought to obtain a license as soon as possible;
  • caused difficulties in matching the premises.

How did the client pose the task?

What decision was taken and why?

  • The premises for a future drugstore belonged to the village council.
  • The client sent his photographs to our specialists in order to be sure that it complies with the requirements of the law.
  • Lawyers paid attention to an entrance to the drugstore. There was no a wheelchair ramp and a call button was also not planned. However, it should be noted that the front doorstep consisted of only one step.

We explained to the Client that the drugstore must comply with the licensing conditions, according to which access conditions for people with disabilities should be provided. Having consulted with the employees of the State Administration of Ukraine on Medical Products and Drug Controlling, we recommended a certain area in front of the step to pour with cement. Thus, a smooth hillslope was formed, where you can conveniently enter the drugstore on a wheelchair.

What were the difficulties in implementation of the decision made?

Conclusions and recommendations of our specialists played a key role since difficulties with on-site pre-licensing verification could have been.

Line of thinking and approach to lawyer’s work in implementation of decision


The lawyers were guided by the fact that the drugstore must comply with the requirements of the law. At the same time, we remembered that more lenient requirements are set to drugstores in the countryside. After all, even in a small village must be a drugstore. Therefore, if the drugstore generally meets the requirements set for it, small disadvantages could have not paid attention. Thus, despite the fact that the drugstore had neither a wheelchair ramp, nor a call button, access conditions for people with disabilities were in fact created. On-site pre-licensing verification of the State Administration of Ukraine on Medical Products and Drug Controlling has addressed such a solution of a question and placed a mark in a report of the premises verification that the conditions for people with disabilities were created.

What value did the client get?

  • The client provided an entrance to the drugstore in such a way that there was no need to install a wheelchair ramp or call button with our legal help. Such a proposal from our lawyers saved him money for their installation and time for obtaining relevant permits.

The final result of our work was an obtainment of a license for the retail of medicines for the client.

Who should contact us? In what case?


Anyone who plans to open a drugstore, even at the stage of finding a relevant premise should contact lawyers of our firm.

Our specialists on designs and photographs will be able to evaluate the premises and provide advice on whether it meets the requirements of the law and whether it is necessary to conduct internal works etc.

Publication date: 04/12/2018

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