We have solved the problem of a foreign Client at the Employment Center in July of 2018

A company, the founders of which were non-resident natural and legal persons, sought the legal guidance of our firm in July 2018.

The problem of the client was that after the company registration and the documents filing with the Employment Office for a foreign director’s work permit (who at the same time was a co-founder of the company) a notice informing that the application consideration had been temporarily suspended was received.

The analysis of documents provided by the client, including the notice of Employment Office, revealed that the reason for the suspension was a discrepancy between the translation of the foreign director’s passport and his data in the official state register of companies. As it turned out a power of attorney for the company registration was issued abroad and contained shortened version of the director’s name (which is double for many foreign citizens). This fact was overlooked during registration and the foreign director , as a founder, was listed in the state register with only a part of the full name. The discrepancy was detected when the documents were submitted to the Employment Office as the issuance of the work permit involves filing of the notarized translation of a foreigner’s passport, which was compared with the data of the official register.

Our lawyers explained that such a discrepancy in the client’s data does not prevent the resubmitting of the application, however, it requires a series of actions to bring the client’s documentation in compliance with the law.

The first step was to receive a new power of attorney with a full name based on which corrections to the registration documents of the client’s company were made.

Since the client sought legal guidance only towards the end of the term provided by the Employment Office for the correction process, we did not have time to submit documents to eliminate reasons for the application suspension, therefore we submitted a new application for the client’s files to be returned without delay after the decision about refusal in permit issuing was made.

By the time the official refusal of the Employment Office was published, the information in the state register was updated with the full name. New documents for the Employment Office were already prepared which allowed to withdraw the original set documents and submit a new one on the same day.

The client received a positive decision next week. After that our lawyers helped with payment of the official fee for the permit, received the permit, submitted a copy of the employment contract with the foreign director to the Employment Office and made the corresponding changes in the official state register regarding the person occupying the position of director.

Therefore, our lawyers did not only help the client to figure out the reasons for refusal but also corrected the mistakes that were made at the initial stages of the business entry onto the Ukrainian market, which allowed to open accounts and sign contracts without delay instead of stressful interaction with public authorities.
Publication date: 21/08/2018

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