Our lawyers provided legal support of prolongation of residence permit in June of 2018

In June 2018, our company’s immigration lawyers worked with two similar cases of foreign citizens who wanted to extend their temporary residence permits in Ukraine.

The key point of challenge were  as follows:

1)  Client 1 (the U.S. citizen) contacted first another Ukrainian lawyers in the field of migration law before applying to our company. They extended his work permit (which they intended to use as a basis for obtaining the temporary resident permit), but they left out the legislative changes of that period. According to these changes in the law, the application and other supporting documents for the residence permit extension should be submitted not just 15 days in advance, as it was earlier stipulated by the Law of Ukraine on Immigration, but 15 business days in advance. The Сlient  was lacking exactly this 4-day difference between these periods, and the State Migration Service of Ukraine rejected his application for the residence permit extension. Following this misfortune, the Client contacted our law firm for further addressing this challenging situation.

2)  Client 2 (the Latvian citizen) also had a residence permit, which was issued for the purpose of employment in Ukraine. His situation was rather interesting due to the fact that after obtaining a work permit, he did not submit a copy of the employment agreement to the relevant office of the State Employment Service of Ukraine, but immediately applied for the permit. After the latter was received, the Client forgot to submit his employment agreement to the employment service and the work permit was revoked after the prescribed deadline. The situation was somewhat alleviated by the fact that the work permit and temporary residence permit were granted only for one year and they had to be renewed in any case.

Both abovementioned cases required the obtainment of new residence permits, rather than the extension of old ones. For this purpose, it was necessary to:

  • Deregister from the place of residence in Ukraine (cancellation of residence registration)
  • Give a residence permit back to the relevant body of the State Migration Service of Ukraine;

The next step for the first Client was to leave Ukraine, obtain a new long stay visa (type D ) and come back to Ukraine. The second Client had though to additionally obtain a new work permit.

  • After the Clients returned to Ukraine with D-type visas, our lawyers helped them to submit new sets of documents to the State Migration Service of Ukraine for obtaining permits;
  • The last step was to recover the registration of foreigners at the previous places of residence.

Thus, our company’s lawyers successfully solved the problems of our Clients, thereby allowing them to continue their business and eliminating the risk of illegal stay in Ukraine. In such cases, it is important to obtain qualified legal assistance, as violation of the terms of stay and departure from Ukraine may adversely affect your further attempts of extending or obtaining a new residence permit.

Publication date: 30/08/2018

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