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In November 2018, A client, who wanted to register a non-governmental organization, retained our services. The main purpose of the non-governmental organization was to promote a healthy lifestyle

The client was interested in the following questions:

  • What documents and information are needed to provide?
  • How long does registration of a non-governmental organization take?

Since founders of the non-governmental organization are legal entities, the client had to provide us their codes from the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine. All other information we learn in the database of the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine.

Furthermore, for the preparation of documents we needed following information about:

  • the head and registered office of the future non-governmental organization;
  • name.

We informed the client that if he does not decide on a name of the non-governmental organization and / or he does not have a legal address, we can help in these matters.

After obtaining all the necessary information, our lawyers prepared a package of documents, which has to be signed by the client.

Among them:

  • charter of a non-governmental organization,
  • minutes of founding meeting of the non-governmental organization,
  • protocols of all legal entities-founders.

Each legal entity must decide on a formation of the non-governmental organization at a meeting of the management board. Subsequently, a person, who will represent the legal entity-founder at the meeting of the non-governmental organization, has to be chosen. He also has the right to sign the constitutional documents of the organization.

As a general thing, each legal entity entitle its head to such procedures. However, there are cases, where another person, who is not a founder, is sent to a founding meeting of the non-governmental organization. Thereafter, it is necessary to provide such a person with a power of attorney.

Regarding terms of registration, the non-governmental organization (like any public association), is registered within three working days from the date of submission of documents to the department of justice. Inclusion in the register of non-profit institutions and organizations takes the next two weeks. However, the organization can open a bank account immediately after registration without waiting for inclusion in the specified register.

The client was satisfied with everything, including the announced terms. Our lawyers, in turn, did everything according to the plan agreed with the client.

If you are interested in registering a non-governmental organization, for details you can contact our specialists.

Publication date: 30/01/2019

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