Successfully registered a private security firm in Ukraine

In May 2015, our company was contacted by a Client, who wanted to set up a private security company, but neither understood the sequence of actions, nor knew where to start.

A private security company is a common name for a business entity licensed to provide security services at facilities or for individuals. Both a limited liability company and more complex and less popular forms of business organization, such as joint stock companies, full and limited liability companies, can obtain a Security License. Individual entrepreneurs can also apply for the Security License.

Therefore, before setting up a security company, it is necessary to determine its form of organization. We explained the Client the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of organization - a private enterprise, an individual entrepreneur, a limited liability company.

Thus, one of the key disadvantages of starting a security company on the basis of individual entrepreneurship is the limitation of the number of employees that the individual entrepreneur can employ, as well as a more complicated procedure for their employment and dismissal (the employment agreements shall be registered with the local department of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine). This fact had actually played a decisive role, since the Client initially wanted to have an extensive security staff. After having analyzed the cost of setting up a security company on the basis of LLC, the Client concluded that the difference in initial costs will be leveled out in the course of further activities of the company.

Our company offers a complete range of services required to register the security company.

We ensure the registration of a LLC, as well obtainment of the Security License. To learn more about our experience and to get additional information not only about the terms of service, but also answers to the most common questions we get asked about the security business (who can be the head of the security company, what documents are required to obtain a license and others), please click here.

Our lawyers managed to register the security company within a little more than a month. The registration procedure took us three days and we spent a little more than a month on the preparation of documents (including documents of the head of the security company) and obtainment of the Security License.

Publication date: 30/06/2015

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