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A client, who wanted to register his own periodical, contacted our firm in November 2018. It was supposed to be a bilingual magazine (in Ukrainian and English languages), which will cover events in Ukraine and in the world. The client was a member of one legal entity, and was also registered as a sole proprietor.

Thus, the client was interested in the following questions:

  • who is better to register a magazine for - a legal entity or a sole proprietor;
  • what is required for registering a magazine;
  • how long does a registration procedure last?

Our lawyers gave the client a legal advice, in which they answered the following questions:

1. Who is better to register a magazine for? According to Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine "On Printed Mass Media (Press) in Ukraine", founders of printed mass media can be citizens of Ukraine, citizens of other states, stateless persons, who are not limited in civil legal capacity and capability, as well as legal entities. The law does not stipulate the right of a sole proprietor to register mass media. Therefore, we recommended the client an optimal option, namely, to become a founder of a magazine as a citizen of Ukraine.

2. What is required for registering a magazine?
It is enough to submit to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine only an application and a copy of a passport in order to register a magazine by a citizen of Ukraine. However, as practice shows, not many citizens can correctly fill out the application from the first time. Therefore, they get a refusal in registration or their applications generally remain without consideration. In general, applications are considered within one month. Thus, founders lose a plenty of time on several attempts to register mass media by themselves.

An application for registration of a mass media must contain complete information on a founder, including a list of related persons and their identification numbers. Related persons are family members of the founder: husband / wife (spouse), children and parents, stepmother and stepfather, siblings, their children and husbands / wives. Furthermore, the application for registration must contain full information on the future printed periodical: its type, title, distribution, program objectives and topics, periodicity, languages, in which it will be published, etc.

3. How long does a registration procedure of mass media last? According to Article 13 of the Law of Ukraine “On Printed Mass Media (Press) in Ukraine”, an application for registration of mass media is considered within one month. Consequently, a decision on the registration of the mass media or on the refusal in registration or on suspension of the application consideration term. After the Ministry of Justice made a decision on registration of the mass media, the decision is submitted to signature to a minister for a certain period of time. In fact, from the moment of submitting the application to obtainment of a registration certificate takes an average of one and a half months.

A contract for the provision of legal services was concluded after giving a legal advice to the client, and the client obtained a Certificate of a Magazine Registration in the previously agreed terms.

If you are interested in mass media registration, you can contact for details of cooperation at the number: 0 800 330 967

Publication date: 28/01/2019

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