Permit to perform work of increased danger in Kharkiv

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  • Analyze the Client’s situation and help to decide which type of permitting document is needed: Permit or Declaration;
  • Provide information about the procedure for obtaining the High Risk Work Permit in Kharkiv, and the documents that will be required;
  • Provide assistance in obtaining an expert report;
  • Our lawyers personally prepare a full package of documents and submit it to the Labor Service in Kyiv;
  • Monitor the consideration of the application at the state authority and provide the Client with a ready-made High Risk Work Permit in Kharkiv.


The price and period for obtaining the High Risk Work Permit in the city of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region

The price of the High Risk Work Permit in Kharkiv starts from UAH 25,000.

The full service price for obtaining the Permit depends primarily on the list of intended works. The full list of possible works can be found here.

The period of obtaining the High Risk Work Permit in Kharkiv is about 4 weeks.

You can find the full list of documents needed to obtain the Permit on our main service page.

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How to obtain the High Risk Work Permit in the city of Kharkiv?

The High Risk Work Permit will allow you to perform activities specified in your Permit. It is important to remember that when you select the list of activities, you can choose not only a certain item, but even a part of it.

The Permit is issued for five years.

The procedure for obtaining a High Risk Work Permit involves the following steps: 

  • occupational health and safety personnel training; 
  • obtaining an expert report; 
  • obtaining a permit form.

Our lawyers will help you to organize and perform the necessary actions at every stage. 

We guarantee you:

  • Obtaining the Permit within the shortest possible period of time. Over the years our lawyers have developed document templates, which significantly reduces the process of documents preparation for the Labor Service. We will get you the Permit faster than our competitors;
  • Fixed price. We work on a prepaid basis, at a fixed price, which is set once at the beginning of our cooperation, and no longer increases;
  • Assistance in the future. Our lawyers can also help with the extension of the Permit after the expiry of the 5-year validity period.

We will
get you the High Risk Work Permit in the city of Kharkiv or Kharkiv region quickly and efficiently.