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Legal services of marriage dissolution in Ukraine

Legal services of marriage dissolution in Ukraine

What we do

  • advise on marriage dissolution issues;
  • we help to dissolve the marriage by mutual consent of the spouses who have children;
  • we help to divorce at the request of only one of the spouses;
  • we help to divide the common property during divorce;
  • we help with winning the child support payout;
  • we help to obtain the necessary documents (certificates, statements, conclusions, etc.);
  • we prepare a full package of documents (a statement of claim, application for a court order, all applications);
  • we submit documents to the court;
  • we represent a Client’s interests in court;
  • we pay official fees(by agreement);
  • we receive a court decision or a court order;
  • we legally support the executive process, interact with the state bodies.


Legal advice
Starting at 1 500 UAH
Preparation of
an application for
dissolution of marriage
Starting at 15 000 UAH
Starting at 2 500 UAH per 1 court hearing

To determine the cost of dissolution of marriage (divorce) services (divorce), you need to understand: 

  • whether the Client wants to divorce by mutual desire with the other spouse or only on their own initiative;
  • The availability of the Client's requirements on the division of common property and on the payment of alimony to the child;
  • Scope of work assigned to the lawyers of our company by the Client;
  • The need for additional services (which are directly aimed at reaching the desired result, but without which developing paperwork is impossible).

Each type of service has its own characteristics. We can separately help you with child support.

We provide services for all locations of Ukraine.

You can contact our lawyers in any way convenient for you.

A visit to the office is not a mandatory step - work can take place remotely. First of all, it saves your time and energy.

Additional costs are calculated and paid separately, as agreed with the Client at the beginning of our cooperation.

Official payments for the marriage dissolution separation in the form of a court fee are fixed and consist of:

  • for filing a statement of claim - 0.4 of the size of the minimum living wages for able-bodied persons - 768.40 hryvnias;
  • for filing a claim on the division of property - 1% of the price of the claim, but not less than 0.4 the size of the minimum living wages for able-bodied persons and not more than 3 of the minimum living wages for able-bodied persons.


  • plus

    Result guarantee

    Our company has been working in this area since 2006. Many years of experience allow us to provide a 100% guarantee that everything will be done professionally and efficiently.
  • plus

    Full support of the case

    Cooperating with our company, you will not have to interact with the state authorities, which significantly saves your time and effort. Any non-standard situations arising from the courts, executive services, and other state bodies will be settled by our lawyers.
  • plus

    Cost of services does not increase

    We define the cost of our services before the start of cooperation with the Client. The cost of services does not increase in the future.
  • plus

    Accumulated experience in the area of family law

    The specialists of our company know not only the theoretical side of the issue, but also the practice of the courts, executive services, other state bodies in the area of family law, which is an additional advantage in the legal services market.


Our lawyers will advise you!

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Documents for applying for dissolution of marriage

  • ID documents of the spouses
  • Certificate of marriage of the spouses
  • Child's (children’s) birth certificate(s)

The following documents are required from the Client for marriage dissolution process: 

  • copies of passport and ID number of the plaintiff (defendant - if any);
  • copy of a marriage registration certificate;
  • copy of the birth certificate of the child (ren);
  • copies of certificates of disability (if any);
  • A copy of the marriage contract (if any);
  • copies of documents on property, copies of contracts, etc. (if any);
  • copies of checks, receipts for covering  additional expenses related to the child (if any).

Documents that we help to draw up via lawyer's letters of enquiry (for an additional fee):

  • certificates that confirm the characteristics of the child (medical certificates, school certificates, etc.);
  • certificates from a kindergarten or school, clubs that the second parent does not communicate with the child and is not involved in his/her upbringing;
  • information about the characteristics of the parent with whom the child will live (a certificate of no criminal record, a certificate of a narcologist, character testimonial, a salary certificate, etc.);
  • a certificate of family composition;
  • other documents, depending on the situation.


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Important to know

How to get a marriage dissolution?

When divorcing by mutual desire, the spouses must sign an agreement in which they indicate with which of the parents the child will live, and also take into account all the nuances of child support payout procedure.

A lawsuit for divorce can not be brought during the period when the wife is pregnant or when the common child has not yet turned one year old, except when one of the spouses has committed an offense: a crime against the other spouse or their child.


Is it possible to dissolve a marriage if the second spouse does not want this?

It is possible to file a lawsuit if only one of the spouses wishes to get a divorce.

Is it possible to simultaneously terminate the marriage and enforce child support payout?

Yes, it is. This can be done immediately by filing two lawsuits.

Is it possible to divide an apartment if it was received by the second of the spouses as a result of inheritance?

Property inherited during marriage is personal private property and is not subject to division.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner


Marriage - is a voluntary union of a woman and a man who have reached marriageable age, which is officially registered with the aim of creating a family, and as a result of which mutual rights and obligations arise. 

Marriage may be terminated via: 

  • Death of one of the spouses;
  • Divorce.

The dissolution of marriage service can be provided in two ways:

1) if the spouses want to divorce according to their mutual desire - a statement of claim filed to the court + a contract 

2) if only one of the spouses wants to terminate the marriage - a lawsuit (in parallel it is possible to file a lawsuit on the division of property and a claim for the enforcement of child support payout).

If you want to get legal advice from a dissolution marriage lawyer on divorce or find out more about the possibility of getting a divorce on conditions convenient for you - give us a call!