Registration of medicines in Dnipro

Cost of services

Cost of services:

from 8000 USD
Basic registration of medicinal products in Dnipro
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What we offer

  • Consult on the medicines registration procedure in the city of Dnipro, possible time limits and price of the whole procedure;

  • Sign a confidentiality agreement with the Clients, after which we receive all information about the medicinal product and develop our recommendations;

  • Help with organization of the process of appointing an authorized representative;

  • Assist with the development or finalization of the marketing authorization file;

  • Assist in drafting the quality control techniques, instructions, etc.;

  • Support the Client both during the initial examination and during the specialized examination.

The full list of our possible services during registration of medicines in the city of Dnipro can be found on our main service page.


Documents required

List of documents
Information about the authorized representative
The marketing authorization file (if any)
Information in the medicinal product

What opportunities does the Registration of Medicines give you? First of all, the Certificate of such registration gives you the right to import registered medicinal products to the territory of Ukraine.

Registration of medicinal products in the city of Dnipro consists of the following stages:

  1. Development of the application and submission of it to the Ministry of Health;
  2. Preparation and submission of a standard registration form to the State Expert Center;
  3. Obtainment of a review of the submitted documents;
  4. Payment of the state fee and expert work, as well as confirmation of payment.

We can monitor all stages of the procedure and help with the development of individual documents.

The medicinal product registration procedure in the city of Dnipro requires  many documents, the development of which is a separate service in terms of complexity.

Therefore, our experts will be able to tell you the final price of registration of a medicinal product only after you provide them with all information about the current situation and the desired list of additional services.

Why us

Preliminary analysis of documents
We will be able to review and analyze all your documents before they are submitted to the MOH.
Medical lawyers
Our lawyers have long been working in the field of medical law and cooperate with both health care facilities and pharmacies.

We are ready to help you!

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Registration of new medicines in the city of Dnipro: Legal Services

We can help you both with registration of a new medicinal product for Ukraine, and with re-registration of the medicines in the city of Dnipro. 

Our lawyers will provide you with:

  • Fixed service price. We don’t name ill-defined prices and don’t leave it up to us. At the beginning of our cooperation you will know the exact price of the service, which will be fixed and unchanged.
  • Any additional assistance. We don’t just do the job. We analyze your situation and offer you the best solution. We can do this thanks to the sound staff of lawyers, specialists in various fields of law.

Do you want to register a medicinal product in the city of Dnipro? Give us a call!