Registration of medicines in Kharkiv

Cost of services

Cost of services:

from 8000 USD
Basic registration of medicinal products in Kharkiv
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What we offer

  • Provide the Client with all necessary information regarding the period of registration of medicines in Kharkiv, as well as possible costs;

  • Conclude a confidentiality agreement with the Client, guaranteeing the security of information about the medicinal product;

  • Help with the appointment of an authorized representative;

  • Provide assistance in finalizing the marketing authorization file or developing the marketing authorization file for a medicinal product from scratch;

  • Assist with drafting the quality control techniques, instructions, etc.;

  • Support the Client during all mandatory expert examinations, both primary and specialized.

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Documents required

List of documents
Information about the authorized representative
The marketing authorization file (if any)
Information in the medicinal product

Registration of medicinal products will give you the opportunity to import them into Ukraine.

To pass the registration process you will have to go through the following stages:

  1. Development of the application and submission of it to the Ministry of Health;
  2. Preparation and submission of a standard registration form to the State Expert Center;
  3. Obtainment of a review of the submitted documents;
  4. Payment of the state fee and expert work, as well as confirmation of payment.

We will not only help you with the preparation of all documents, but also take on communication with the Ministry of Health on any issues related to your application.
The price of registering a medicinal product in Kharkiv will be formed depending on the presence or absence of a certain list of documents, for example, the marketing authorization file of the medicinal product.

Why us

Preliminary analysis of documents for the Ministry of Health
We will analyze all your available documents, help you develop the missing ones and form a package of documents for submission to the Ministry of Health.
Medical lawyers
Our company employs lawyers in the field of medical law, which helps us provide quality services to doctors, healthcare facilities and even pharmacies.

We are ready to help you!

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Registration of new medicines in the city of Kharkiv: Legal Assistance

Our lawyers help with the medicines registration procedure in Kharkiv, and if necessary, their re-registration.

We guarantee you:

  • Understanding of service price. We do not go around the issue of service price for a long time. Starting working with us, you will understand exactly how much, and most importantly what you pay for. The price of the service is set once at the beginning of cooperation, for a certain set of services, and no longer rises.
  • Comprehensive assistance. We will not just advise you on the issue and forget about it forever. Taking on the task, we will be able to provide you with all necessary additional services, even if they relate to another area of law.

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