Registration of jewelry maker’s mark

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Cost of the service is 150 USD. 

Term of service provision is 15 calendar days.

What we do
  • advise Clients on all matters related to registration of jewelry maker’s mark;
  • prepare the documents;
  • submit the documents to the state authorities.


  • extract from the Unified State Register;
  • information about tools and equipment.
Important to know

In order to distribute jewelry, a jewelry maker is required to have his own jewelry maker’s mark that is duly registered under the laws of Ukraine.

Imprint of jewelry maker’s mark is a special imprint that serves to identify a jewelry maker. It is shaped like a rectangle or a rectangle with a pointy tip which provides information about decade of production, year of production within the decade, code of assay office and individual jewelry maker’s code.

Maker’s mark is required to be clear-cut, embossed, of definite shape. It has to include all necessary information.

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Validity of maker’s mark has to be annually prolonged by the 20th of December.

Expired maker’s marks are subject to destruction by the 20th of January.

Each one of jewelry maker’s tools must have its own mark which means that the number of marks has to correspond with the number of tools.


When term, cost and procedure of maker’s mark registration are agreed on, the Client provides the required list of documents. As soon as we receive the documents they are prepared for submission and submitted to the body of registration.
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