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  • advise Client on all matters related to preparation of documents and help to prepare them;
  • submit the documents to the licensing body;
  • support consideration of application by the National Commission for the State Regulation of Communications and Informatization;
  • obtain the license based on power of attorney granted by the Client.


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Our successful projects

License for providing telecommunication services has been issued in June 2018.
Our firm has provided legal assistance for the procedure of receiving a telecommunication services license for an LLC from Kiev region.
License for providing telecommunication services obtained in March of 2018
Our lawyers assisted an internet provider from Kyiv with obtainment of telecom license.


Term of telecommunication services license obtainment is 40 business days.

Cost of the service starts at 500 USD.

Inclusion in the register telecommunication operators is included in the cost of service.


To obtain telecommunication services license we need to receive from you personally or via courier the following documents:

  • Copy of state registration certificate or an extract form the Unified State Register of enterprises, organizations and institutions;
  • Copy of charter;
  • Copy of statistics certificate attested by head’s signature and seal;
  • Copy of premise rental agreement (or other document that certifies rights to possess or use a premise) attested with a seal and head’s signature;
  • Copy of financial report for the previous year attested with a seal and head’s signature;
  • Formation plan and scheme of a telecommunication network (our legal experts may help to prepare these documents) signed by head;
  • Copies of active network equipment certificates attested with a seal and head’s signature;
  • Copies of rental (sub- rental) agreements of premises (or other document that confirms legality of possession or use of premise where network equipment is located);
  • Document on the employees of an enterprise signed by head. If required the firm may provide a necessary form.

The amount of the official fee is stipulated in the Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine number 773 dated 16.06.2004.

As of 15.11.2012 the official fee for the license obtainment is 4250 UAH for each administrative unit.


The legislation stipulates term "telecommunication network" as any set of telecommunication equipment and facilities designed for switching, routing, receiving and / or transmitting signals, symbols, sounds, written text, images or messages of any kind through the optical, wired, other electromagnetic systems, as well as through the radio between the end user equipment.

Maintenance and operations of telecommunication networks license is a permit which gives company a right to provide services within territory of administrative units specified in license.

Obtainment of license is compulsory for businesses that provide maintenance and operations services for:

  • personal or rented telecommunication networks;
  • telecommunication networks that were constructed by them for other companies;
  • equipment that was sold and is used as a part of telecommunication network of other company at the moment.

Any enterprise that conducts activities in the field of telecommunications must obligatory submit an application to be included into the register of telecommunication services providers (operators).

If a telecommunication network uses radio frequency resource (including wi-fi) it is also required to obtain usage of radio frequency resource license.

The license is issued by the National Commission for the State Regulation of Communications and Informatization. Obtainment of such license is stipulated by the law of Ukraine “On telecommunications”.

When a positive decision on issuance of license is made by Licensing Commission of the National Commission for the State Regulation of Communications and Informatization Client receives requisites of an account at local bodies of State Tax Service of Ukraine (state treasury) and pays state duty of the required amount for the license (payment code 22011700), receives a certificate of local state treasury about money being transferred and sends the payment order to our legal experts.

Within the agreed term our firm provides license certificate (for Clients located in other regions via courier).

Telecommunication services license obtainment procedure may be changed to a more suitable one on Client’s request.

Service of telecommunication network maintenance and operations license obtainment (hereinafter - telecommunication services) includes provision of advices on all matters related to preparation of licensing documents, collection and submission of documents to a licensing authority, direct obtainment of license on Client’s behalf.

Upon service provision you will receive:

  • Telecommunication services license certificate of a set standard;
  • Copy of the license for a branch office or a separated division.

Inclusion in the register telecommunication operators is included in the cost of service.

The cost does not include the official fee that is defined based on location of service provision.

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