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Services and assistance in legalizing the redevelopment of the apartment in Ukraine:
  • obtaining permission to register the re-planning of the apartment;
  • development of the redesign project;
  • coordination of the project with all authorities (utility services, Sanitary and Epidemiological Facility, fire supervision) and expertise in the state expert institution;
  • obtaining a permit to carry out construction works;
  • after construction work - obtaining an acceptance report for construction work from the state commission;making changes to the technical passport.


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How and where to legalize the redevelopment of an apartment, house or other building in Ukraine?

Redesign - implementation of work on the transfer and disassembly of partitions, the transfer and arrangement of doorways, the construction and conversion of vestibules, the addition of balconies at the level of the first floors of multi-storey buildings.

Cost of legalization of redevelopment of the apartment: from 1500 USD.

The cost of services depends on the term of their provision and the complexity of the redevelopment.

How do I register and quickly legitimize the redesign of my apartment?

Depending on the complexity of the redevelopment, allocated:

1) redevelopment, not related to interference with the supporting structures of the building.

These are alterations related to the increase of living or utility area through the removal of partitions (except for panel houses), storerooms, demolition of stoves, fireplaces, showcases, without changing the purpose of the premises, without disturbing the supporting structures;
glazing of beams and loggias, reducing the living and utility area due to insulation or wall finishing;
arrangement or closing of door openings in the internal non-capital walls (except for panel houses);
relocation of equipment within the premises.

2) redevelopment related to the intervention in the bearing structures of the building.

Such planning is equated to reconstruction and consists in the implementation of a set of works aimed at improving the operational performance of the premises of the residential building through their redevelopment and re-equipment, superstructure, embedding, extension with simultaneous bringing their performance in accordance with the normative and technical requirements.

In accordance with the Building Regulations of the City of Moscow. Kiev in the implementation of redevelopment:

  • unite the loggias and balconies with the apartment premises by disassembling the outer walls;
  • carry on balconies and balconies heating devices;
  • to unite the apartments vertically;
  • to increase the area of bathrooms and bathrooms at the expense of living space;
  • to remove ventilation ducts.
  • to increase the bathroom due to the corridor;
  • to increase the area of living rooms at the expense of corridors and auxiliary premises;
  • arrange a kitchen-dining room on the area of the living room adjacent to the kitchen;
  • to make openings in unsupported walls between rooms;
  • move the entrance doors to the apartment;
  • remove the sill part of the walls when leaving the room on the balcony.
Experts of our company will legalize the redevelopment (in Kiev) in your apartment "turnkey", without Your participation at any of the stages.

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