Practical aspect of fire protection license obtainment

Obtaining a fire license is a difficult, but very interesting practice, which our company is engaged in. In addition to private companies that want to engage exclusively in the provision of fire-fighting services, such a license is often of relevance to large construction companies looking at providing their clients with a full range of services, including fire-fighting works (services).

To carry out works and services of fire fighting purposes, the company must obtain an appropriate license from the authorities of the State Emergency Service.

The essence of one of these practices:

In early March 2019, such a request (obtaining a fire license) was made by our regular Client from the Poltava region. In December 2018, we already received a license for the supply of electricity for them, and in early 2019 - a construction license.

The Client wanted to have not just a building that was completely ready for use, but that it would to be able to carry out fire works in the building.

Steps for completing the Client’s order:

At this stage, we explained to the Client all the features of the process of obtaining a license, helped to determine the list of works and services that were relevant to them. The licensing conditions for this license have a significant list of possible works that can be included in whole or in part in each individual fire license.

  • After making an advance payment on behalf of the Client, the specialized lawyers of the company immediately started to process the Client’s order.

When considering the documents available to the Client, it was found that some of the personnel who must perform fire-fighting works did not have the appropriate educational documents.

Thanks to our partners, who helped to quickly conduct staff training, these employees were able to obtain the necessary qualifications and education that meets licensing requirements.
  • Coordination of documents with the licensing authority for compliance with licensing requirements.

Although this is a formality, we always carry out such an agreement, because we guarantee the Client a guaranteed license. After that, the Customer signed a ready and agreed package of documents and we submitted it to the State Emergency Service.

  • We got a ready-made license for fire-fighting works and services for the Client’s company (in just 7 business days).

Having formed the details for the payment of the license fee, we sent them to the Client. They promptly paid the license fee and sent us a copy of the receipt; and the lawyers of our company received a letter from the State Emergency Service for the Client as a paper confirmation that the Client’s company has the appropriate license.

As a result, the Client received:

  • Help with the acquisition of the necessary level of qualification and education for their staff;
  • Turnkey development of all necessary documentation for obtaining a license;
  • A letter from the State Emergency Service which confirms the issuance of a Client’s company license, which is an additional advantage when the company participates in tenders, where one of the prerequisites for participation can be a document confirming the receipt of a fire license.

Obtaining a fire license gives you legal grounds and permission to provide fire-fighting services. Without a license, such activity is illegal!

Therefore, if you want to receive more detailed information about the features of this type of licensing, the shortest time frame for obtaining a license or types of fire fighting activities, you can contact us in any way convenient for you.

Publication date: 28/05/2019

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