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Obtain Ukrainian citizenship - legal advice and support

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Legal service of citizenship obtainment in Ukraine

Law firm “Pravova Dopomoga” provides legal advices and assists on the matters related to obtaining of Ukrainian citizenship by foreigners.

There are different ways, procedures and legal grounds of obtaining Ukrainian citizenship. In each specific case it is important to approach various aspects of the case thoroughly in order to ensure the admitting to citizenship.

Generally it is important to understand that Ukrainian citizenship may be attained by a foreigner or by a stateless person though naturalization which is a voluntary acquisition of citizenship by a foreigner as a result of specific requirements completion (recognition of the Constitutional provisions, Ukrainian laws, sufficient Ukrainian language skills, stay on the territory of Ukraine for the last 5 years and others).

In order to acquire Ukrainian citizenship a foreigner or a stateless person must submit a set of documents to a local body of the Department of Citizenship, Immigration and Registration of Individuals that prove the completion of requirements which grant him further attainment of Ukrainian citizenship.

Our firm will help you to deal with issues related to the acquisition of admitting to Ukrainian citizenship.
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