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Gaining of veterinary practice license in Ukraine

Gaining of veterinary practice license in Ukraine

What we do

  • consult the Client on issues relating to obtaining veterinary practice license, in particular, in respect of documents preparation, staff qualification and the fineness of chosen premises and/or assist with the choosing;
  • fill in all necessary documentation and submit an application per power of attorney, without personal attendance of the Client;
  • escort obtaining a license in the licensing authority for the entirety of the period;
  • take charge of solving of problem situations of the Client during the documents review in the state authorities;
  • obtain confirmation of license issuance in a hard copy.


For an individual entrepreneur
4000 UAH
For a legal entity
4000 UAH

The cost of veterinary practice license does not include an official payment to the state budget - one subsistence minimum for able-bodied persons (from July 01, 2019 – UAH 2,007.00) and execution of notarized power of attorney for lawyers to submit and follow-up documents (notarized power of attorney is necessary only for IE (individual entrepreneur).

The term for obtaining a license is 14 days.

A veterinary practice license for enterprises and entrepreneurs from all regions of Ukraine is issued in Kyiv.

Successfully rendered services

Veterinary Practice License

on February 26, 2020 we received a license for veterinary practice for FLP.

Veterinary Outpatient Clinic License granted in January 2020

In January 2020 our specialists helped the Client from Fastov to open a veterinary clinic in the Glevaha, Kiev region.

In December 2019 helped to open an ambulatory of veterinary medicine in Kryvyi Rih

Accompanied the obtaining of veterinary practice license for the company from Kryvyi Rih

In October 2019 obtained veterinary practice licenses for three licensees at one commission

Our specialists accompanied the obtaining of veterinary practice licenses for applicants from Odesa, Lviv and Mykolaiv Regions.

In August 2019 we helped to open a veterinary medical station

Helped to obtain a veterinary practice license for work of veterinary medical station.

In July 2019 we obtained a veterinary practice license for IE from Donetsk region

Helped to obtain a veterinary practice license for opening of ambulatory of veterinary medicine in Donetsk region.

In May 2019, we got a license for veterinary practice for an individual entrepreneur from the Odesa region

Our lawyers provided legal support of opening a veterinary ambulance station in the Odesa region and got a license for veterinary practice.

Obtained a veterinary practice license for the veterinary center from Odessa region in February 2018

Our lawyers completed a full range of work on obtaining veterinary practice license, including provision of legal advice.

License for veterinary practice for the beginning of February 2019

Obtained a license for veterinary practice for two licensees from Kherson region and Kherson city during hearing of the licensing commission.

License on the veterinarian practice of January, 2019

Helped to open a vet clinic for the individual person-entrepreneur from Kiev region.

Made changes to the veterinary practice license

Helped a client from the Dnipropetrovsk region to open a new place for carrying out a veterinary practice (ambulatory) in December 2018.

Obtained a veterinary practice license in December 2018

Specialized lawyers of our firm supported an obtainment of a veterinary practice license for an entrepreneur from Kyiv, who opened an ambulatory care center for veterinary medicine.

Obtained a veterinary license for an ambulatory care center from Kherson in October 2018

Our lawyers completed a full range of work on obtaining a veterinary license.

Obtained a veterinary practice license in August 2018

Accompanied obtaining of a license for veterinary practice for an enterpreneur from Odesa region.

Order of obtaining a license for veterinary practice dated at the end of July, 2018

Our lawyers have provided the obtaining a license for veterinary practice to open an outpatient department of veterinary medicine in Berdyansk of Zaporozhye region.

Veterinary license received in June, 2018

We have provided legal support for obtaining veterinary license, which allowed the opening of a veterinary outpatient clinic in the Kharkov region.

Order on issuance of veterinary license for May, 2018

We have provided law services for receiving veterinary practice license for opening a veterinary dispensary in Cherkasy city by a private entrepreneur.

Veterinary license received in April, 2018

Helped the Client from Dnipropetrovsk region to open a veterinary clinic in Dnipro.

Veterinary license obtained in February of 2018

Got a veterinary license for a Client from Lviv region of Ukraine.

Veterinary license obtained in December 2017

Got a veterinary license for a Client from a Luhansk region.

Order of obtaining a license for veterinary practice in July of 2017

Our lawyers provided a procedure of obtaining a license for veterinary practice for a Client from Kharkiv region.

Order on issuance of veterinary license obtained in April of 2017

Supported obtainment of private veterinary practice by a sole proprietor from Poltava region of Ukraine.


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    We determine the cost of our services by signing the contract at the beginning of cooperation with the Client. The cost is not subject to increasing during the work period.
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    In the process of the firm's practice, beginning from 2006, our lawyers studied all the nuances associated with the peculiarities of obtaining a veterinary practice license that gives you the advantage of obtaining it as soon as possible.
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    Our business reputation is in place, our clients trust us and come back to us again. We, in our turn, are doing everything possible to provide the services of highest quality.
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    Upon the signing a contract and providing a full package of necessary documents our lawyers will take charge of all work themselves. We provide services for the Clients throughout the entire territory of Ukraine. There will be no necessity for your personal meeting with us in order to submit the documents or to obtain a license. We can send You the confirmation of license obtainment via e-mail.


Our lawyers will advise you!

Ask a lawyer

Documents for obtaining a veterinary practice license

  • For IE: a copy of passport and identification code For legal entity: EDRPOU code of the company
  • Documents on the premises (certificate of ownership or lease agreement)
  • Personnel qualification documents

Upon the Client’s request we provide a consultation and, as a general matter, conclude an agreement, in which all the necessary clauses concerning the services of obtaining a veterinary practice license are outlined. It is of the utmost importance that the Client provides all the necessary documents in a timely manner, since the quickness of license obtaining for the most part depends on this. All it takes from you is a signature on the documents that we prepare and submit to the licensing authority, where we fully follow-up the procedure of license obtaining.

Documents, which confirm the personnel qualification, are the copy of diploma and certificate of professional development.


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Important to know

Requirements to the legal entity:

  • to have at least one employee-veterinary practice professional with a state-recognized diploma as a member of staff;
  • to have job descriptions for individuals who will be directly involved in veterinary practice;
  • to ensure compliance with the requirements of the law in respect of material and technical base.

Requirements to IE:

  • to hold a diploma of educational and qualification degree of training of junior specialist, bachelor or master in specialty “Veterinary Medicine”, as well as a certificate of professional development (to be obtained every five years);
  • to ensure compliance with the requirements of the law in respect of material and technical base.

Requirements depending on the material and technical base:

The license applicant must have the right to use the premises where the veterinary practice will be carried out. The premises can be rented or owned on the basis of the right of ownership.

According to the condition of the material and technical base the premises that are intended for veterinary activities are divided into:

  • clinics;
  • ambulatories;
  • stations.

The clinic of veterinary medicine makes it possible to provide treatment-and-prophylactic services, as well as to conduct clinical trials in a variety of ways: on outpatient basis, on inpatient basis or on house-call basis.

Ambulatories of veterinary medicine make it possible to provide services of prophylactic and treatment of animal diseases, which are provided on an outpatient or on house-call basis.

Veterinary medical stations make it possible to provide treatment-and-prophylactic services with a visit of specialist to the business entities of different forms of ownership.

The premises of the ambulatory should include:

  • a work office of veterinary medicine professional;
  • a place intended for storage of medicines, biologicals and medical instruments;
  • a sterilization room (a room, in which the sterilization of used materials, instruments and special clothing will be carried out);
  • a place for the registrar;
  • a manege;
  • an operating room (premises intended for carrying out of treatment procedures);
  • a place intended for storage of housekeeping equipment.

For clinics, this list is amended by one more point: an isolator, to put it in other words, a room for sick animals. The premises, in which the animals are kept, must be isolated from other premises and must have a disinfectant pan at the entrance.

Clinics and ambulatories can also have an X-ray room and an ultrasonic diagnosis room.

For the veterinary station, the requirements are somewhat different. It should have:

  • a place for work of specialist;
  • a place for storage of medicines, medical instruments and biologicals;
  • a place for sterilization of materials, instruments and special clothing;
  • a place intended for storage of housekeeping equipment.

As you can see, the main difference is that a clinic or ambulatory necessitates a separate room for some categories, when the veterinary medical station can have only a separate place (that means a part of the room) for them. The other differences in the list are determined by the fact that the station cannot provide services of veterinary medicine, they are provided only on house-call basis.

If you still have any questions or you want to get a high-quality support of the procedure of obtaining a veterinary practice license, you can always contact our lawyers.

The assistance of an experienced lawyer will help to avoid most of the mistakes, to be completely acquainted with the legal requirements and apply them correctly in your activities.


What is the validity period of veterinary practice license?

The veterinary practice license is issued for an unlimited term, but it can be revoked should the client wish so or if there are other grounds for this.

Can I get a license for this type of activity if I do not have the necessary education or I am a student who only gets an education in the specialty “Veterinary Practice”?

In both of the above cases, it is considered that the license applicant does not have the necessary education. Nevertheless, it is possible to obtain a veterinary practice license. In order to do this, you should register a legal entity (enterprise) and hire an employee with the necessary degree of training and a state-recognized diploma.

What should I do if I plan to do laboratory and clinical tests?

In such case, it is necessary to enter into a contract with one of the state laboratories of veterinary medicine (at the location in a certain geographical administrative division or with another accredited laboratory).

Are there any differences between the official period of obtaining a license and the real one?

In accordance with the law, the time period for making a decision on issuance of license, which is also held in practice, is 10 working days. Prior to the submission of application on issuance of license the terms largely depend on the Client: how timely he will provide us with all the necessary documents.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner


Veterinary practice license – additional information

Veterinary practice is an activity related to the services of animal diseases treatment, their prevention and diagnostics, as well as with the provision of advice on issues relating to veterinary medicine, which is carried out by medical institutions in the field of veterinary medicine.

The obtained license gives evidence of compliance with the standards of the material and technical base and the qualifications of the employees of the business entity, and also gives the right:

  • to carry out diagnostics and treatment of animal diseases;
  • to conduct prevention of animal diseases or illnesses;
  • to carry out veterinary and sanitary inspection of both animal and plant products;
  • to issue veterinary certificates (documents confirming the veterinary and sanitary condition of animals or certain products of animal origin).

How to get a license for veterinary activity with us?

Veterinary licensing with us is simple, safe and effective.

How does our firm differ from many other law firms in the market?

The answer is simple: we have our own quality standard of services and strictly follow it.
  • Our lawyers have deep legal expertise. This means that their rich experience and a set of knowledge in different areas of law helps to approach any issue from several positions at once. And this, in turn, makes it possible to find the most optimal option.
  • We focus on the goal, not the task. In our practice it has happened more than once that the Client, who came with one request, after a detailed consultation understood that in order to achieve his main goal it is necessary to perform completely different actions. We are not focused on the mechanical work to perform Your tasks, but on optimizing the entire process to achieve Your ultimate goal.
  • It's easy with us. We try to simplify any legal process for our Clients, make it understandable, and the goal is easily achievable.
If You want to get a license for veterinary practice simply and quickly - call us!