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MainStandardized proceduresRegistration services in Ukraine (Kyiv)Registration as an electricity market participant

Registration as an electricity market participant

Registration as an electricity market participant

What we do

  • obtaining ЕІС code necessary for the further work on the electricity market;
  • preparation and submission to Ukrenergo NPC SE a package of documents for execution of agreement for the transfer of electricity;
  • obtaining and delivering to you the signed agreement for the transfer of electricity;
  • preparation and submission to Ukrenergo NPC SE a package of documents for accession to the imbalance settlement agreement;
  • preparation and submission to Ukrenergo NPC SE a package of documents for registration of your company as a market participant;
  • supervision of imbalance settlement agreement acceptance and inclusion of your company to the Register of market participants.


Registration as an electricity market participant
from UAH 16 000

The cost of Registration as an electricity market participant does not include the creation of an electronic digital signature for those working on online platforms, execution of bank guarantee, obligatory payments to Market OPERATOR SE.

The exact total cost of the Registration as an electricity market participant is calculated on the basis of the total number of power distribution companies (oblenergo) or Market Segments you want to get registered in.

In case of special prior agreement, we can also:

  • Register your company as a participant of electronic auctions on the Ukrainian Energy Exchange;
  • Provide support and assistance in preparing, submitting the documents and signing of the agreement for participation in the day-ahead and intraday markets;
  • Provide advice or support for accession to the electricity distribution agreement with a local power distribution company (OBLENERGO). 

Successfully rendered services

Accompanied the inclusion of the Client in the electric energy market

In 2020, they helped a client who came from the Dnieper achieve registration as an electricity supplier and join the electricity market.

Concluded for the Client all necessary agreements for registration as the electricity market participant

The lawyers of our firm fully accompanied the signing a number of agreements for registration of supplier company from Kiev Region on the Ukrainian electricity market.

Supported the factual entry of the electricity supplier into the electricity market

The lawyers of our firm registered the electricity supplier from Kropyvnytskyi city on the electricity market of Ukraine and fully accompanied the signing of the contract with the SE Market Operator on participation on the market for a day up front and intraday market.


  • plus

    Wide-reaching services

    We provide services for entering the electricity market to both local electricity suppliers represented in one city or region (e.g. Kyiv or Kyiv region) and global networks with all-Ukrainian coverage
  • plus

    Electricity market entry on a turnkey basis

    We are focused not just on providing one specific service, but on a comprehensive approach allowing to achieve the Client’s goals. Our company employs qualified personnel who specialize in comprehensive support of entrepreneurs intending to enter the electricity market of Ukraine, ensuring the registration of your company, obtaining licenses for electricity supply, registration of electricity market participants, registration of participants in electronic auctions and the day-ahead and intraday markets.


Our lawyers will advise you!

Ask a lawyer

LIST of documents to be submitted by the Client

  • Copy of the decision on the license issue
  • Constituent documents of the Company
  • Extract from the VAT Payers Register

Our lawyers will provide comprehensive information and a full list of documents to be submitted by the Client during the service delivery. 


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Important to know

Exclusive requirements to get registered as a market participant include:

  • License for business activities on the electricity market;
  • VAT payer status in your company;
  • Electronic signature certificate for those working on online platforms;
  • Account with a special mode of use;
  • Execution or payment of a financial guarantee to the account of Ukrenergo NPC SE. 


When can a company apply for registration as an electricity market participant?

Entrepreneurs can register as participants of the Ukraine’s electricity market from the date the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities grants them a license for business activities in the field of electricity and provided that the company has a VAT payer status.

At what point does a company become a participant of the electricity market?

After the receipt of the notification from Ukrenergo NPC SE about the acceptance of the agreement on the settlement of electricity imbalances. The date when the company became an electricity market participant will also be recorded in the relevant register.

Shall any official fees be paid to Ukrenergo NPC SE for the registration of an electricity market participant?

No, a market participant shall not pay any official payments for registration. However, once your company is included in the electricity market, you need to maintain the appropriate amount of the financial guarantee.

Is it enough to get included in the list of electricity market participants to be allowed to purchase electricity in the day-ahead or intraday markets?

No, in order to be able to purchase electricity on the above-mentioned markets, it is necessary to sign an agreement with OPERATOR MARKET SE on participation in these markets and pay a fixed fee to the state budget in the amount of UAH 3,577.00.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner


If you want to register your company as an electricity market participant, please contact our lawyers for legal services.


If your company doesn’t locate in Kyiv, you can also become our Сlient, as the companies from any region of Ukraine can be included in the electricity market.

Call us, if You need any legal consultation on Registration as an electricity market participant process or if You want to become an electricity market participant fast an easy!