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Obtainment of licenses and permits in Ukraine

Obtainment of licenses and permits for sole traders and legal entities

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ServiceCostTime required
License for private security firm in Ukraine 300 USD 15 days
License for employment agency in foreign countries 250 USD. 20 days
License for passenger transportation, taxi service in Ukraine from 3500 UAH 14 days
Gaining of veterinary practice license in Ukraine 250 USD 14 days
License for operations with precursor chemicals in Ukraine 650 USD 10 days
License for construction work starts at 800 USD 1 month
Occupational safety and health permit in Ukraine 1000 USD 1 month
Permits for construction works and building commissioning in Ukraine neg. 4-10 business days
Certificate of Architect / Engineer / Construction expert in Ukraine starts at 300 USD. 1-2 months
License for supplying of gas and electricity (Ukraine) 1500 USD 20 days
Hazardous waste permit neg. neg.
Permit for emissions of air pollutants neg. 1 month
Cash-in-transit license in Ukraine neg. neg.
License for finance lease services in Ukraine 30 000 UAH 45 days +
Licensing of tour operators (tour services) in Ukraine 200 USD 15 days
License for retail of alcoholic beverages and tobacco in Ukraine 250 USD 20 days
Registration of cash register in Kiev and Kiev region 300 USD 15 days
Alcohol and tobacco storage location registration in Ukraine 200 USD 10 days
Obtain extract from the Bureau of Technical Inventory register 250 USD 20 days
Obtainment of approval for issuance of license for import of pesticides and agrochemicals neg. 5-20 business days
License for import neg. 15 - 25 business days
Nostrification of Diploma From 3000 UAH from 5 days to 60 days
Copyright registration 2000 UAH 1-2 months
License for transferring money in national currency without opening an account 30 000 USD Neg.