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Obtainment of licenses and permits in Ukraine

Obtainment of licenses and permits for sole traders and legal entities

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ServiceCostTime required
License for private security firm in Ukraine 300 USD 15 days
License for employment agency in foreign countries Neg. 20 days
Passenger License, Uber License, Taxi License from 3500 UAH 14 days
Gaining of veterinary practice license in Ukraine 300 USD 14 days
License for operations with precursor chemicals in Ukraine from at 6600 UAH 10 days
License for construction work starts at 800 USD 1 month
Occupational safety and health permit in Ukraine from 1000 USD 1 month
Permits for construction works and building commissioning in Ukraine neg. 4-10 business days
Certificate of Architect / Engineer / Construction expert in Ukraine starts at 300 USD. 1-2 months
License for supplying of electricity (Ukraine) 1500 USD 20 days
Hazardous waste permit neg. neg.
Permit for emissions of air pollutants neg. 1 month
Cash-in-transit license in Ukraine from $ 2000 neg.
License for finance lease services in Ukraine from at 50 000 UAH 45 days +
Licensing of tour operators (tour services) in Ukraine Neg. 15 days
License for retail of alcoholic beverages and tobacco in Ukraine 5000 UAH 20 days
Special permission (license) to use subsoil in Ukraine neg. neg.
Work permit for foreigner’s employment in Ukraine 250 USD 20 days
License for import from 12 000 UAH 15 - 25 business days
Nostrification of Diploma From 3000 UAH from 5 days to 60 days
Copyright registration 2000 UAH 1-2 months
License for transferring money in national currency without opening an account 30 000 USD Neg.
License for production of electric power 12 000 UAH 20 days
License for production of heat energy 12 000 UAH 20 days
License for heat energy supply 12 000 UAH 20 days
License for alcohol 15 000 UAH Neg.
To get a phytosanitary (fumigation) certificate 5 000 UAH 5 days
License for oil products retail/wholesale trade, their production and storage from 12 000 UAH Neg.
Permit for subsurface resources use 25 000 USD from 3 month
License for resale of electric power (trading activity) 12 000 UAH 20 days
License for fire protection works and services (Fire protection license) from 1000 USD 20 days
License for currency exchange for a financial institution from 30 000 USD Neg.
Financial services license 50 000 UAH Neg.
License for veterinary drugs manufacturing 8000 UAH 15 days
License for manufacture and repair of weapons 8000 UAH 10 days
Handling the formalities for green tariff from UAH 36,000.00 from 2 months
Tobacco Wholesale Trade License 600 USD Neg.
An educational license Price negotiable 1-2 months
Gas License in Ukraine 12 000 UAH 12 days
Casino license (gaming license) in Ukraine Neg. Neg
Registration as a participant of the gas market in Ukraine from at 25 000 UAH 1 months
License for cargo transportation, transportation of dangerous goods Neg. Neg.
Registration of a veterinary drug in Ukraine Neg. Neg.
Online school license in Ukraine Neg. Neg.
Driving school license in Ukraine Neg. Neg.
Certificate from the state sanitary and epidemiologic service on products in ukraine Neg. Neg.
License for foreign language courses in Ukraine Neg. 4-6 months

Assistance in licensing medical practice

Experts of our company have considerable experience in reception of medical licences. If You are serious about practicing medicine and are looking for a partner to do your legal work, we are the right people for You.

On the page dedicated to the conditions of the company's services for obtaining a medical license You will find such guarantees of our reliability:
  • A large number of scanned copies of our licenses. In fact, there are much more of them, just when we get licenses for several licensees from one region on one commission, we post only one of them, because after deleting the identifying data from it, they become absolutely identical; 
  • a lot of comments on the issues arising for our Clients in connection with obtaining medical licenses will allow You to assess the level of competence of specialists.

Security licensing services

The security license is also very popular with our company. We provide services for enterprises from all regions of Ukraine. We render the help at reception of the licence in search of the necessary personnel of protection and the head of a direction of protection.

Obtaining a security license with us quite simply - You are required only to register the company (although we can take over if the address of the company will be in Kiev), we also offer to buy security firms, which greatly accelerates the beginning of work in this area.

General information about the licensing process

We will tell you how and where to get a license, name the cost of obtaining a license and fully assume the entire process of its registration.

Obtaining licenses and permissions of various kinds - the profile of our company for many years. We know what we do and how to achieve the best results.

If you want to get a license quickly and easily - call us!

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