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MainStandardized proceduresRegistration services in Ukraine (Kyiv)Registration of a public formation on protection of public order and state borders

Registration of a public formation on protection of public order and state borders

Registration of a public formation on protection of public order and state borders

What we do

• consult on all matters which are related to the procedure of registration of a public formation for the protection of public order and the state border (further in the text – PFPO);

• prepare projects of required documents for registration of a PFPO, including a formation’s charter, a decision about establishment, an application form etc;

• help to approve a charter with an appropriate territorial department of the National Police of Ukraine, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine and also with local governments of a region where a formation will conduct its activities;

• register a PFPO in accordance with the Law and with a practice of the licensing body;

• help to get certificates for PFPO’s members and their armlets in the local governments.


Cost of registration
1000 USD

We register public formations from Kyiv and Kyiv region.

We can propose legal consultations and development of incorporation documents for formations from all over Ukraine.

Additionally we can provide you with the services:

  • accompaniment of organization of a general meeting of citizens, consult on required matters for general meeting;  
  • opening of a bank account, help with a production of a PFPO’s seals;
  • transfering of all digital versions of documents, which confirm a PFPO’s state registration, into printed copies.


  • plus


    We have a huge experience in the sphere of state registration of different non profitable organizations. There are few firms which provide this service. Including our experience, we can do it faster comparing to those ones who don’t have this practice.
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    Our company has worked since 2006. It proves that we are reliable and purposeful during solving difficult law tasks.


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Required documents for registration of a public formation (PFPO)

  • Copies of passports of a PFPO's founders
  • Copies of identification codes of a PFPO's founders

Initiator also has to provide our lawyers with:

  • admired name and address of a PFPO and its targets, tasks;
  • information about a structure of a PFPO, compound of a head body and a region where formation will conduct its activities;
  • places of work (study) of a PFPO's founders, day when they became members of a PFPO, whether they have disciplinary actions and whether they commit criminal offenses, their contact information.


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Important to know

Public formations for the protection of public order and the state border are established according to the place of work, study or registration of citizens voluntary. There must be not less than 10 persons. 

At the same time all founders must be registered in a region, city or other locality where formation will conduct its activities. 

But the law doesn’t provide an opportunity to establish regional or all-Ukrainian formations. It means that if a formation conducts its activity in separated districts inside one region then it is obligatory to register these formations in every district.

Only Ukrainian citizens can be members of a PFPO. They also must be above 18 years old, show desire to take part into protection of public order and the state border, have moral and business skills which are suitable for members’ obligations, have a suitable physical condition.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner


A PFPO’s activity is regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On citizens’ participation into the protection of public order and the state border”.

Except it, rights and freedoms of members, a PFPO’s targets and tasks are defined by bylaws which are adopted by the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and local governments according to their competence with a purpose to solve the problems of protection of public order and the state border, to strength the fight against crimes at the specific territories. 

PFPOs can’t conduct business activity and other types of activity with a purpose to get profits.

Members of a PFPO have a right to carry a special means of individual self-defense which are charged with substances of irritating and tear-off action, to stop offenders of the traffic rules, to enter different types of institutions (café, restaurant, bar, cinema, stadium) for conduction their functions.

They also have a right to compose administrative protocols, to use an own vehicles of legal entities and individuals for official services etc.

Powers of these formations and their members are coordinated with the local units of the National Police of Ukraine and in the most cases are realized together with them.