License for alcohol

Cost of services

Cost of services:

15 000 UAH
License for alcohol
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What we offer

Stage one:

  • we prepare the package of documents for getting a license, and if required, we conduct a consultation for the Client on the matters of procedure of getting a license;

Stage two:

  • we submit documents to the authority of the State Fiscal Service, we monitor the consideration of documents until decision taking about issue of license;

Stage three:

  • we get a license and perform registration of alcohol or tobacco products storage place;

Stage four:

  • we pass to the Client the license and the reference about the registered storage place.

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Documents required for obtaining the license

List of documents
Copy of the abstract from the Unified Register of Enterprises and Organizations
Document confirming the right to use premises
Licence fee payment confirmation (with a bank seal)

In addition, you shall provide a power of attorney for our company’s lawyers. If necessary, we can prepare a set of documents for signing.

The set of documents developed by our firm has been tested through years and takes into account all the requirements of the tax authorities.

The Law of Ukraine provides for the following types of the Alcohol Wholesale Trade Licenses and the amount of state fees for their issuance:

  • Alcoholic beverages, except for cider and perry (without adding alcohol) - UAH 500,000;
  • Cider and perry (without adding alcohol) - UAH 780;
  • Only beer, for producers that produce up to 3,000 hectoliters per year - UAH 30,000.

The type of license shall be chosen based on the activity you will carry out.

State fees must be paid before the application is submitted.

You can’t pay for the entire term of the license at once, so you must pay the money annually.

The license is issued for a period of 5 years.

The license is issued within 10 days upon submission of all documents.

Why us

We have considerable experience of working with the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (SFS)
We have been providing services for obtaining permits for years, and therefore there are no licenses that we can not get in the SFS. You can rest assured of obtaining the Alcohol Wholesale Trade License at the first attempt, without delays and additional costs.
Comprehensive approach to the task
We provide legal support and assistance not only in obtaining the license, but also in registration of a storage location of alcoholic beverages (if necessary). We can also help you obtain a Tobacco Wholesale Trade License.
Prompt service delivery
Due to the extensive experience in providing this service, the individual work with the Client will be carried out under the accelerated procedure. This will allow you to obtain the license and to register the storage location within three weeks upon submission of all documents.
Reduced tax burden
In addition to obtaining permits, we can also help reduce the tax burden on the wholesale alcohol business.

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Answers to frequently asked questions

Should I register the point of sale in the register of storage locations?

No. A point of sale shall be registered in the register of storage locations only if it is different from the place of trade.

May I pay the license fee for 5 years in advance?

No. The license fee must be paid annually. You can’t pay for 5 years at once.

Some entrepreneurs believe that they can start trading in alcohol wholesaling before the license is obtained. And this is wrong, because alcohol wholesale trading without a license is punishable with a fine of UAH 17,000 and more.

Licensing of the alcohol wholesale trade requires great attention to detail.

We have been working in the field of legal services for over 10 years. During this period, we have gained not only invaluable knowledge, but also practical experience, which helps us to make the solution of any legal issues simple, safe and effective.

Alcohol trading is a promising business sector, but in order to properly organize this business, you need to carefully prepare all documents and undergo each stage of registration.

How can our lawyers assist you with obtaining the Alcohol Wholesale Trade License ?

Pravova Dopomoga Law Firm has its own service quality standard, which we improve every day. It is extremely important for us not just to address the Clients problems, but to ensure they will come back, if necessary. This means that we will provide you not only with a quality solution to your problem, but with a faultless service as well.

Our quality standards comrise:
  • Reliability. If we undertake the task, it will be solved. Immediately and without driving up the price.
  • Simplicity. We are not trying to artificially complicate the task. Our key goal is to provide you with the simplest possible solution of any issue. Moreover, we not only find this solution, but also explain it to the Client to the maximum extent possible, in order to make the whole process understandable.
  • Efficiency. Extensive experience and knowledge of our lawyers in various fields of law allow us to develop the most effective solution of your problem.
  • Availability. We are always in touch, you do not have to call our Client-Manager. He/she will keep you informed of all the events.
  • Focusing on the goal, rather than on the task. Thanks to deep legal expertise and experience, we can make a general assessment of the situation, focusing not on the task, but on the key objective of the Clients, taking into account their needs.

If you want to get more information, or order the service for obtaining the Alcohol Wholesale Trade License - call us!

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