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License for alcohol or tobacco products wholesale trade

License for alcohol or tobacco products wholesale trade

What we do

Stage one:

  • we prepare the package of documents for getting a license, and if required, we conduct a consultation for the Client on the matters of procedure of getting a license;

Stage two:

  • we submit documents to the authority of the State Fiscal Service, we monitor the consideration of documents until decision taking about issue of license;

Stage three:

  • we get a license and perform registration of alcohol or tobacco products storage place;

Stage four:

  • we pass to the Client the license and the reference about the registered storage place.


License for alcohol/tobacco products wholesale trade
10 000 UAH

Prior to submitting documents, an official payment of 500 000,00 UAH per year must be made.

A license is issued for a period of five years.


  • plus


    We do not just help with obtaining a license, but also provide support of the registration of the place of storage of alcohol or tobacco products, which is mandatory after obtaining a license.
  • plus


    Since the optimum version of the package of documents has already been developed by our lawyers, individual work with the Client will take place according to an expedited procedure, which will allow you to obtain a license and register the storage place three weeks from the date of submitting the documents.


Our lawyers will advise you!

Ask a lawyer


  • receipt of making an official payment (with bank seal)
  • paperwork for the premises
  • EDRPOU code of your company/or Individual Taxpayer Number of a sole trader

  • power of attorney for our lawyer;
  • receipt of payment of state. duties in the amount of 500 000,00 UAH. (with bank seal);
  • EDRPOU code of your company/or Individual Taxpayer Number of a sole trader;
  • paperwork for the premises;
  • bank details of the company/sole trader.


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Important to know

Alcohol or tobacco products should be stored in places that are listed in the Unified Register, regardless of who owns the premises.


Will it be necessary to pay a license fee (500 thousand UAH) for subsequent years of the license?
Yes, it will. After all, the first 500 000,00 UAH of the license fee is paid for the first year of activity before obtainment of the licence.
If I still have a license for the retail sale of alcohol or tobacco, do I need to enter my retail outlet in a single register?
No, you do not. Since only the storage place, operating as a retail outlet for alcohol or tobacco, is subject to entry.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner


License for the wholesale trade (sale) of alcohol or tobacco

Some entrepreneurs believe that you can first start trading in alcohol or tobacco, and only then get the appropriate license. And this is totally wrong, since wholesale trade, where tobacco or alcohol act as products, is punishable by a fine of UAH 17,000 without a license.


Licensing of a wholesale trade in alcohol in this area requires a lot of attention to detail

We have been working in the field of legal services for more than 10 years. During this time, we have not just acquired invaluable knowledge but also gained practical experience that helps us make solving any legal issues simple, secure and effective.


The sale of alcohol or tobacco is a promising business sector, the organization of which requires careful preparation and careful going through each stage of registration.

How can we help?

“The Pravovaya Pomoshch” Company has its own standard of service quality, which we work on every day. It is extremely important for us not just get the Client’s issue resolved, but to see to it that they definitely come back, if necessary, again. And this means that, turning to us, you will not just receive a high-quality solution to your problem, but also an impeccable service.


Among our quality standards there are:


  • Reliability. If we take on the task, it will be solved. No delays or driving up the numbers.
  • Simplicity. We are not trying to artificially complicate the task. On the contrary, a simple solution to any issue is our main goal. Moreover, we do not just find this solution for ourselves, but also explain it as much as possible to the Client, in order to make the whole process understandable.
  • Efficiency. The experience and knowledge of our lawyers in various areas of law allows us to take steps to the most effective solution to your problem.
  • Availability. We are always in touch, we do not have to call our Client-Manager. He himself will keep you informed of all the events.
  • Focus on the goal, not the task. Thanks to deep legal expertise and experience, we can evaluate the whole situation in general and not stay focused not on the task, but on the main goal of the Client, listening to their needs.