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Appeal against decision to revoke license in Ukraine. Legal support

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Cost and term

Cost of appeal against decisions to revoke license starts at 1 300 USD.

Term of service provision – 10 days and more.

What we do
  • preparation of appeal against decision on license annulment;
  • representation of Client in relations with Expert and Appeal Council;
  • legal support of appeal against license annulment in court (mostly this procedure is unnecessary).
Important to know
  • In most cases of coercive license revocation the matter is to be considered only with obligatory presence of licensee representatives;
  • Decision on license revocation enters into force not at once but only 30 days after its issuance. Effect of the decision is suspended since the moment of appeal filing to the expert and appeal counsel;
  • In case of coercive license revocation a licensee will not have a right for one year to obtain license for the same type of activities.
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