Registration of factoring companies (collecting company)

Cost of services

Cost of services:

2000 USD
Obtaining the license
4000 USD
Entering in the register of financial institution + obtaining the license
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What we offer

  • enter the company to the register of financial institution (by the agreement), namely:

  1. develop the necessary orders, regulations etc.;

  2. analyse the documents, which are providing for submission to the National Commission, which implementing State regulation in the market sphere of financial services;

  3. help to obtain the Certificate about the skills development for the director and the main accountant;

  4. guarantee the entering of the company to the register of financial institutions on the first try.

  • develop the documents for obtaining the license on factoring;

  • maintaining a client's case to the National commission of financial services;

  • provide a guarantee of obtaining the license on the first try.

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Documents for obtaining a license

List of documents
Company’s IВ number (EDRPOU)
Financial statements, audit report
Passport data of the manager and head accountant
Prior to submitting documents to the National Financial Services Commission, they go through the process of proofreading and checking with specialized lawyers in the financial services market. This, in turn, excludes the possibility that the commission will not consider them or that the result will be negative.

It is important to note that inclusion of financial institutions in the register is the first mandatory stage, without which it is impossible to obtain a factoring license. There are no additional payments when entering financial institutions into the register.

The state fee for obtaining a license is 2007 UAH.

Why us

We support obtaining other licenses in the National Commission
Specialized lawyers of our company support the obtainment of other licenses issued by the National Financial Services Commission (pawnshop, financial leasing, etc.).
Full range of service provision
We get the company included in the register of financial institutions. This stage is mandatory when obtaining a license for factoring. It is provided under a separate agreement.
We work with all regions of Ukraine, as well as non-residents
Since the work can take place remotely, your location does not matter. Our company also has English-speaking lawyers specializing in providing services to foreigners.
We will get a license at the first try
Obtaining negative conclusions from the National Commission is one of the most common reasons for seeking help from our company. Our specialized lawyers have come up with the best option for obtaining a factoring license at the first try.

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Our successful projects

Certificate of financial institution registration issued in May of 2019
Our lawyers assisted the client in registration of factoring company in the Register of financial institutions. The services were of comprehensive nature and included preparation of the necessary paperwork.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Is it possible to obtain not just a factoring license for a financial company but other financial licenses as well?

Yes, it is possible. However, you do not need to get the company re-entered in the register of financial institutions.

Do you help with the audit report?

Yes, we do help. By selecting the appropriate audit company and communication with the auditors.

How long is the license valid for?

The factoring license is issued with no time limit.

What is the minimum amount of the authorized capital of a legal entity?

The minimum authorized capital is 3 million hryvnias.

Registration of a factoring company and licensing of collection activities: interesting information

In any factoring operation, three entities participate:
  • A lender - an individual or legal entity providing a loan at a certain percentage;
  • A debtor is an entity that undertakes to repay a loan;
  • A Factor - a bank or financial company that provides factoring services and buys the right to claim.
Basically, the factoring procedure has the following form:
  1. The supplier provides services or provides the buyer with goods and services with deferred payment;
  2. The supplier transmits to the factor the documents confirming the occurrence of the receivable;
  3. The factor covers most of the debt (up to 95%).
  4. The debtor pays for the goods or services;

The lender and the factor make final settlements among themselves: the factor receives their money back with an additional commission for services, the seller receives the rest of the funds due to them (5 - 30%).

Open a collection agency with us

We understand the reluctance of many of our Clients to independently figuring out the hodgepodge and intricacies of modern legislation. In the end, you have to spend a lot of time and effort to gain knowledge that will never be useful in life.

Our main goal as a law firm that wants to create a new quality standard for the entire legal market is to make the solution of any legal issues simple, secure and effective.

We bring our goal to life every day, working in accordance with our own standards:
  • We are reliable. If we take up the work, it will be done on time and with high quality.
  • We are always in touch. You will not have to search for or call our Client-Manager, he/she will keep you updated on the situation in a way that is convenient for you.
  • It’s easy with us. We are not trying to throw our weight around or deliberately over complicate the situation far-fetched. Our task is to make sure that you understand the situation well and are aware of what the best way is to act.
  • It’s efficient with us. Our lawyers have deep legal expertise in various areas of law, which gives them an opportunity to resolve issues faster, calculate risks in advance and choose the best option possible.
If You wish to open a factoring company easy and fast - call us!

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